Trump allowed Huawei to buy components from the US company, but was still in the blacklist - VnReview

Trump allowed Huawei to buy components from the US company, but was still in the blacklist – VnReview

The unexpected decision came just weeks after President Trump's administration called the Chinese company "Great national security threat".

According to the Android AuthorityOn the sidelines of the G20 summit taking place in Osaka (Japan), US President Donald Trump suddenly announced "allowing US companies to continue selling equipment to Huawei".

"I am talking about devices that do not bring great harm to national security"Mr. Trump added.

Basically, the decision means that Huawei will continue to receive Qualcomm processor chips, Google's Android platform … for its products. Earlier, many US chip makers such as Intel and Xilinx had petitioned the government to ease the ban on Huawei. In 2018, Chinese companies spent $ 11 billion to buy chips from Intel, Qualcomm and Micron. At the beginning of this week, WSJ It also said China would consider lifting the ban on Huawei as a necessary condition for any trade agreement with the United States.

Although the ban was relaxed, Huawei is still in the "black list" banned from dealing with US companies. Up to this point, there has been no official decision about removing Huawei from the list, and Trump said Huawei is still a security risk in the eyes of the US government.

At the G20, it seems that the United States and China have reached several agreements in the negotiations for trade war settlement. Trump said he would stop imposing taxes on Chinese goods, while China agreed to buy more agricultural products from the US.

Earlier, when the ban came into effect in mid-May, Huawei said it had stocked up important components to allow the company to continue operating for 3 months. However, even if the ban is completely lifted, its impact on Huawei and the industry will be long. It is estimated that Huawei's revenue in 2019 will be reduced by $ 30 billion due to the ban, not to mention the loss of brand.

Huawei also wants to beat Samsung to become the world's No. 1 phone maker in 2020, but the ban "blew away" that desire.

For Huawei smartphone users, they can breathe a little. However, whether Huawei smartphones continue to receive Android updates and use Google services or not must wait for the next decision from Google.

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