huawei, freebuds 3, huawei freebuds 3
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True wireless is worth buying in the segment

Reasonable design with the feeling of wearing but …

Freebuds 3 is quite similar to Apple's Airpods 2, but Huawei says it draws its inspiration from the smart dolphin in the ocean. The weight of the ear is also very light, I tried to bring this headset to weigh, it is unbelievable that each ear Freebuds 3 also weighs 4g.

This design helps users feel comfortable, light and can completely carry for a very long time without any difficulty. The point that makes Freebuds 3 really different lies in the beautifully designed charging box that is no less than the cosmetic containers of women.

huawei, freebuds 3, huawei freebuds 3

Despite the very good wearing feel, the earbud style design makes the noise resistance of the Freebuds 3 less impressive because it is not tight enough. Huawei also has equipment for Freebuds 3 electronic system capable of identifying and eliminating negative sources. This is a high-end and very complex technology that currently only appears on expensive headphones that cost more than VND 5 million, and the fact that Huawei brought down a product with a price of more than 3 million is very encouraging despite the level. noise husband is not high.

huawei, freebuds 3, huawei freebuds 3

Excellent sound quality in the price range

Knowing that the ability to resist noise would not be as expected, Huawei focused heavily on the sound quality. With 14mm diameter driver on the Freebuds 3 sound quality plump, high detail, bright sound, clear instrumental music, separation. Wide soundstage, smooth transition.

huawei, freebuds 3, huawei freebuds 3

The mid (ie the voice of the singer) is very clear, standard, the bass is quite solid. During the experience, I was very satisfied when listening to songs of electronic music on Freebuds 3. However, the quality of the sound depends on which phone users use, which devices have The audio processor will bring better experience on Freebuds 3.

huawei, freebuds 3, huawei freebuds 3

In addition to sound quality, the audio latency on Freebuds 3 is also very low thanks to the use of a new audio transmission style, which is the sound that is transmitted directly to the two ears at the same time, rather than to the one-to-one sound model and then transmitted through the ears. that is like Galaxy Buds. Playing games and listening to audio through Freebuds 3 is great and does not have any problems during use.

Like the Airpod, not only the design but also battery life

Apple's Airpods have never been rated for battery life, and the Freebuds 3 is the same. To get a slim, lightweight design and still have great sound quality. Huawei had to sacrifice a lot at the battery storage space in Freebuds 3. At 70% volume, I could only use Freebuds 3 continuously to listen to music for up to 3h30. If you listen to music for about 4 hours a day, after about 3 days will have to reload the weight of the charger of Freebuds 3.

huawei, freebuds 3, huawei freebuds 3

With a price of more than 3 million (depending on the dealer), Freebuds 3 is worth the money you spend with good sound quality, great wearing feeling and extremely low audio latency. And for those who are looking for a headset in this price range, Freebuds 3 cannot meet your expectations.

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