Trucks rushed down the canyon, 19 Filipinos died

Trucks rushed down the canyon, 19 Filipinos died

A truck plunged into a canyon in the northern province of Apayao province on October 31, killing 19 people and injuring 22 others.

The Inquirer newspaper said that the accident occurred around 7 pm on October 31 (local time) in the Conner area of ​​northern Philippines. According to Conner, Manuel Canipas Jr, the truck's engine suddenly stopped while climbing up the slope. The car slid back and then headed down the canyon nearly 20 meters deep. According to him, carrying too many passengers and the weight of the car itself made the accident happen.

The scene of the accident. Photo:

However, official of the Ministry of Public Works and Philippine Highways Mylz Ginez said that the main cause of the incident was the driver's loss of steering. In addition, inactive brakes are also the cause of the truck falling off the cliff.

Reports from local authorities said the majority of people killed in the incident were elderly people. They are on their way back to the village of Lattut after receiving financial and seed support from the government. Of the 22 passengers escaped, 11 were taken to Conner Town Hospital and 11 were taken to Cagayan Valley Medical Center.

The accident investigation is currently underway. According to Sputnik, there was a similar accident in December 2017 when a bus crashed into another car, and claimed the lives of 20 passengers.

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