'Trouble TV' Ho-jung Kim, 'Heart Cancer Fighter' fan story ... 'Dad's Youth' Fever[종합]
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‘Trouble TV’ Ho-jung Kim, ‘Heart Cancer Fighter’ fan story … ‘Dad’s Youth’ Fever[종합]

[엑스포츠뉴스 김미지 기자] Singer Kim Ho-jung unfolded the stage of emotion by consoling the fans who sent his father’s fight against cancer.

On the 8th, YouTube channel ‘Trot TV’ achieved 100,000 subscribers and a special live to celebrate Mother’s Day was broadcast. Singer Kim Ho-jung, Young-ki, and Sung-hoon Ahn appeared on the broadcast.

On this day, 500 stories were poured into the broadcast, creating a surprise.

One fan said more than 200 calls to apply for the TV Chosun ‘Love Call Center’, but all failed, saying that his father was in an intensive care unit because he was suffering from cancer.

In response to this, Kim Ho-jung called the fan directly and comforted him that “obviously, a miracle would come.”

In addition, Young-gi gave a lively consolation to her song ‘Don’t Brother’ live in the story of another subscriber who had helped her by listening to the songs of three singers during a cancer fight.

Meanwhile, on the same day, Kim Ho-jung prepared a gift of 50 airpots, glasses, and sign paper for the promise of 100,000 subscribers. Young-gi signed 10 pieces of signature CD for the director, and Sunghoon Ahn prepared a red ginseng set for Mother’s Day to entertain fans.

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