Trotstar Lee Chan-won, his January 2021 legend stage?...  From'Night Train' to'Yeonjeong'

Trotstar Lee Chan-won, his January 2021 legend stage?… From’Night Train’ to’Yeonjeong’

What is Lee’s legend stage in January 2021?

Recently on TV CHOSUN JOY YouTube channel, “[트롯톱10] In January 2021, a video titled Lee Chan-won Legend Stage TOP10 #TVCHOSUNJOY​ #Trottop Ten​ #TV Chosun Joy​ (TV CHOSUN 210122 broadcast) was posted.

This video is a collection of stages selected as legends among Lee Chan-won’s stages in January.

The selected legend stage was’Jeans Lady’,’Friendly Excited’,’It’s a Snake’,’Capture’,’She’s Mascara’,’Running in the Sky’,’First Time’,’Night Train’,’The Land of the Morning’ In’,’love’.

Such a collection of Lee Chan-won’s January legend stage caught the attention of netizens.

On the other hand, Lee Chan-won became the protagonist of the highest 1 minute viewer rating of TNMS in the latest episode of’Pongsungahhakdang’.

On the February 3rd broadcast of TV Chosun’s’Pongsungahhakdang’, Young Tak and Lee Chan-won visited the chef’s house, Lee Yeon-bok, and learned to cook, and they had a confrontation with their students.

On this day, as Lee Chan-won was recognized for his cooking skills, he recorded the highest 1 minute viewership rating of 10.3% (TNMS, paid furniture) in the scene where he was chosen as Lee Yeon-bok’s handicraft, and was selected as the scene most watched by viewers.

According to TNMS viewer data, this scene was viewed the most by 5060 female viewers, and the 5060 female viewership rose to 12.1%.

tvX Reporter Jeongbeom Lee / Photo = TV CHOSUN JOY Youtube Channel-Lee Chanwon Instagram

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