'Trot National Sports Festival' Jin Hae-seong, tears of "I will run harder", the lucky gold medalist

‘Trot National Sports Festival’ Jin Hae-seong, tears of “I will run harder”, the lucky gold medalist

[스포츠조선 조윤선 기자] ‘Trot National Sports Festival’ Jin Hae-sung, Jae-ha, and Oh Yu-jin became the lucky medalists.

The final episode of KBS2’Trot National Sports Festival’ was aired at 9:15 pm on the 20th.

On this day, the top 8 players Jaeha, Jin Hae-seong, Choi Hyang, Han River, Shin Seung-tae, Kim Yong-bin, Oh Yu-jin, Sang-min & Sang-min presented the final stage of the first trot new song mission, and the second trot masterpiece mission two times. Captured.

TOP8, which filled the stage with more advanced skills, basic fit, relaxed stage manners, and performances, once again took over the home theater by renewing the legend stage.

After the stage of the 1st and 2nd period of TOP8 was over, the heroes of gold, silver and bronze medals were revealed. The gold medal’s protagonist was awarded 100 million won, the silver medal 30 million won, and the bronze medal 20 million won, and the medal’s protagonist was selected as a result of summing up the votes of expert judges and real-time text voting scores.

The protagonist of the glorious gold medal was Jin Hae-seong, who performed with his own song’Wind Pass’ and Na Hoon-ah’s’Gong’ in the first and second periods, and received a total of 8643 points. Jin Hae-sung did not forget to say, “Thank you. I will try to become a classy singer. I will run harder.” With tears, I did not forget to thank Jo Se-ho, who asked me to appear in the’Trot National Sports Festival’.

In addition, Jae-ha, who became the main character of the silver medal with a total of 5703 points, performed in the first and second periods with’Suncheon Bay Love Song’ and Jin Simon’s’Sorrow’, respectively, and received applause and response with a unique’trot DNA’.

Oh Yu-jin, who became the main character of the bronze medal with a total of 5643 points, showed off his presence as an official mascot by showing the stage with’Come to see me’ and’It was really good’ by Joo Hyun-mi, respectively, in the first and second periods.


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