'Trot Boyfriend Doll' Lim Young-woong, ranked 1st as a star who seems to be able to enjoy tasty food

‘Trot Boyfriend Doll’ Lim Young-woong, ranked 1st as a star who seems to be able to enjoy tasty food

Lim Young-woong ranked first in the star, who seems to be able to enjoy delicious food.

Recently, at Exciting Dish, which is run by the community portal site DC Inside (CEO Kim Yoo-sik) and taste search company My Celebs (CEO Ji-Hyun Shin), “Who is the star who will enjoy the tasteless food I made?” Ranking voting results were revealed. The voting period was from February 7th to February 13th.

With a total of 100,559 votes gathered, Lim Young-woong took first place with 78,158 votes. The approval rating is 78%.

These voting results remind us of the extraordinary popularity of Lim.

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