Trois-Rivières Detention Center The dangers of drone deliveries

Trois-Rivières Detention Center The dangers of drone deliveries

Gray codes, linked to drone overflights over the exterior courtyard, are multiplying at the Trois-Rivières detention center. A new reality that creates a whole security issue, for inmates as well as for correctional officers.

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Offenders sometimes use a hockey sock or a box full of medications, drugs, cell phones or even tools. The loot is hung on the drone with a rope to be brought into the prison.

These trips are lucrative since once inside, the goods are worth three or five times as much. Packages can fetch up to $ 30,000.

“You can also seize homemade weapons or kitchen knives. So, we see that it is problematic. It jeopardizes the security of establishments! We must not forget that what we manage to grasp is often the tip of the iceberg. For a seized package, there may be three more inside. So drone entries are successful and profitable for organized crime, among others, ”explained the president of the Union of Peace Officers in Correctional Services, Mathieu Lavoie.

Agent safety would be compromised

On the night of February 28, an inmate from the Trois-Rivières detention center allegedly managed to get out of his cell. He allegedly hid outside and found himself within ten feet of an officer returning to work.

“He did not have much left to simply get out of the perimeter and find himself in the population. So these are really events that show that we must invest and find means to make our establishments safe, ”added Mr. Lavoie.

Each event results in internal operations. TVA Nouvelles got its hands on reports from interveners relating to excavations. Forty-eight hours after the incident outside, we notice that the searches were numerous and that the day of March 2 was particularly busy.

At 11 a.m., the officers searched the common area of ​​Sector P9. They seized an LG smart cell phone, two nicotine patches, tobacco and several pills of medicine.

At 1:10 p.m., the team conducted a search of cell P9 D07. They found three pills between two Styrofoam glasses on the top shelf. On the bottom shelf, they found 11 pills (speed ice) hidden between styrofoam glasses. Three balls of hashish were also hidden in the tube of a small lamp, along with several patches of nicotine.

Unsafe places

Pavilion 9 seems particularly problematic. It is a temporary modular building that was installed in 2008 for an initial period of five years. Finally, it is still in use and our sources speak of an unsafe place where inmates would be able to exit through the windows.

“They are downright worksite trailers divided into rooms and linked together,” said Mathieu Lavoie.

The president of the Union of Peace Officers in Correctional Services has been lobbying for years for access to technologies to detect drones.

Proof that drugs in prison can be fatal: Adam Pichette, in the middle of a shooting in the Old Port of Montreal last summer, died of a heroin overdose on April 4 at the Rivière-Detention Center. des-Prairies.


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