Illegal immigrants wait for an opportunity to sneak into a truck trunk in Calais, France. Photo: Telegraph.

Tricks to lure young drivers of human trafficking lines

IrelandYoung drivers are often inexperienced and easily lose sight of the lucrative remuneration, so they are always within the sights of traffickers.

Human trafficking has become a popular organized crime in Ireland and is becoming increasingly daring. Through interviews with people involved in truck driving, the Irish Sun newspaper on November 3 revealed how a part of young drivers were lured by gang bosses to join a trafficking line.

According to one truck driver who knows the problem, the bosses of the line "are no better than pedophiles". After hiring young drivers, they will arrange them to travel long distances away from home for weeks. Next, they will trap the driver to "experience" how easy it is to make a lot of money thanks to human trafficking.

Illegal immigrants wait for an opportunity to sneak into a truck trunk in Calais, France. Image: Telegraph.

During the first trip, the line bosses will arrange for one or two people to cross the border on a hitchhike on the truck, instructing them to sneak into the trunk of a car at a port without the driver's knowledge.

"The driver continued his journey to England and then drove down the ferry. When opening the container door, they would be frightened to see two strangers hiding inside. The first thing he did was call his boss for him. we understand that we will be severely punished if the police detect it, "the source described.

The boss certainly anticipated the call. He will advise the young driver into his job "keep quiet, let them go and I will arrange everything when you return home".

The driver will return to Ireland to meet the boss privately, give wages for the trafficking trip and advise not to say a word about the incident. "He will say 'this is 1,000 pounds (nearly $ 1,300) for the two guys in his car. Don't reveal anything'," the source said.

A few days later, the owner of the transport company, who is also the leader of the line, will silently approach the young driver, continue to entice employees to make other trips with the number of carriers increased and the amount of money is also large. than.

"He will ask questions like 'are you interested if there are 6 others waiting to be transported on your trip?'", The source revealed. "The average pay is £ 500 (more than $ 640) per person."

An Irish driver with more than 30 years of experience said he could not remember the number of times traffickers approached him with the invitation to join the line.

"It is unbelievable if a driver is not approached by them," he said. "It happens everywhere, right in your company or when you are stopping at a service station. They will use all the tricks to convince you, sometimes bring a girl who is crossing the border to seducing you, suggesting you can "take this girl for a while" as long as you help transport a few more people ". On the other hand, remuneration is still paid.

"The last suggestion I received was to stop the car at a location in Belgium, near Zeebrugge. One of the company executives in Ireland informed me of the plan. He said the immigrant would be in the cockpit." for me and one of them will carry a knife, "recalls a driver many years in the job. "If I was stopped, I would jump out of the car and shout 'he has a knife'. This is a way to help me not to be exposed because it looks like I'm being threatened."

"Most drivers will refuse. To be honest, I can't accept jobs that are against conscience and never get involved with them. But it's true that the money earned is really appealing. It's understandable why those Young drivers who want to build a good life in their home country will be caught up quickly, "he said.

Another trick used to deceive the investigating agency is the staging in front of security cameras.

"In some cases, drivers are instructed to drive into a place with a good security camera, such as a stop or some industrial park. The driver will leave the car and stop for coffee, deliberately letting the camera record. re-image their images both in and out, "the source said. "This is the time when people cross the border into the trunk of the car. If the authorities check at the port and find out the number of people crossing the border illegally, security cameras will provide evidence that they were not present when the group. sneak in. The cover will hold. "

"The line is very well organized. They have eyes and ears everywhere. The whole system is always moving and there are a lot of people involved," a source said.

Beer is an item mainly used by gangs to cover up human trafficking. Once a driver of an illegal immigrant passes the checkpoint to the UK safely, the legal documents for the shipment will be handed back to the driver in the back line waiting at the harbor.

"The same record can be used for two to three shipments, or more," the source said. "There are usually five to six truckloads of beer on each ferry, so it is impossible to check them all to make sure the documents match."

Vu Hoang (Follow Irish Sun)

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