Trick to find encryption passwords on Windows laptops

Trick to find encryption passwords on Windows laptops

In the process of using a computer, you will conduct account login and password on many different services both on the computer and the website. But this login information is actually encrypted and stored in the computer. Taimienphi will guide you to view your encrypted passwords on Windows using available tools or by software such as EncryptedRegView, CredentialsFileView or VaultPasswordView.

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When using a computer, any web service or software that requires you to log in to use it will be stored on different partitions on the computer. To ensure the security of information, passwords will be encrypted. This article will guide you on some tools to manage encrypted passwords on Windows laptops.

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Using Windows Credential Manager

To start the program, press the Start button on Windows, type in the phrase “Credential Manager“To open the program

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On the main interface of Windows Credential Manager There are 2 options

Web Credentials

Windows Credentials

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Web Credentials

Here will store and manage saved passwords on Internet Explorer and Microsoft Edge browsers

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To display saved passwords, click Show Next to the Password line, the system will ask you to enter a Windows password to display the password

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Quite handy for managing your saved passwords. However, you should also be careful about sharing your Windows passwords with others if you don’t want them to find and record your sensitive credentials on the browser.

Windows Credentials

Mechanism of management and storage is similar to Web Credentials. Here you will see the passwords that you used to log in to use services and software on Windows.

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Manage saved passwords on Google Chrome browser

Step 1: Click the Option icon in the top right corner of the browser, select Setting

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Step 2: Find the item Manage Password

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Step 3: A list of saved passwords appears, press Show to display the password. Similar to the above, you also need to enter your Windows password first.

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Use 3rd party software to manage passwords

With the above methods, not all passwords will be displayed. We need to use more powerful software to find encrypted passwords. Some of the optimal tools for this are EncryptedRegView, CredentialsFileView, and VaultPasswordView . The software works as Portable so no installation is required.


EncryptedRegView With simple usage, users just need to run the application with admin rights (Run as Administrator), the software will automatically scan the Registry system and decrypt the encrypted password on Windows.

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Download EncryptedRegView here: EncryptedRegView


Similar to using as other software, users need to run the application with admin rights, then enter Windows password for the system to scan and display the encrypted password.

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Download CredentialsFileView here: CredentialsFileView


VaultPasswordView is software with similar functions CredentialsFileView but Better compatible with Windows 8 and up, email and browser password management support.

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Download VaultPasswordView here: VaultPasswordView
Above are some tips to find encryption passwords on Windows laptops. With these tips, you can find out some forgotten or long-standing passwords of browsers like CocCoc, Chrome and many other applications. In addition, CocCoc browser also has similar password management functions, you can refer to how password manager on Coc Coc to better manage your information.


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