Tribal conflict reappears in the Tang Dynasty, I wish you a happy new year!

With the advent of the New Year in 2021, the annual New Year’s activities of tribal conflict have already begun. And this clash of tribes is also full of sincerity, specially made a 3-minute promotional video for the players, let’s take a look at the video first.

The video begins with a cartographer riding a hot air balloon floating in the clouds. As the clouds disperse, what we see is a city full of the breath of Tang Dynasty.

In the busy streets, a carriage full of fireworks galloped on the road. The two horses kept galloping, and as Miss Wang Chengxuan sat on the carriage and looked around, we could see the lights and colors of the market.

As the screen turned, the bomber of the game appeared in the market. Then the bomber was attracted by the firework barrels on the carriage, chased and climbed into the carriage.

As soon as the camera turned and the Kong Ming Lantern was released, we found that various performances had begun in the market. In order to chase the restless bomber, the barbarian grabbed the gongs and drums to attract the attention of the carriage. In the lively singing and dancing, the barbarians did not succeed in intercepting the carriage. As the giant suddenly appeared on the side of the road frightened the horses, the fireworks barrel and bomber landed at the same time and the bomb barrel was ignited. The situation is very critical.

The belated barbarian may not have time to blow out the fuse due to excessive exercise. Just when the explosive barrel was about to explode, the general king suddenly appeared from behind and kicked the fireworks into the sky.

With the beautiful fireworks blooming in the sky, Miss Wang Chengxuan looked up at the sky and said, “There is a good market in the New Year”.

This “Clash of Clans” New Year short film can be said to be very exciting, not only showing the style of Chang’an City in the prosperous Tang Dynasty. It also shows the elements of the game. The combination of real-life + CG animation is also quite textured, and it is quite enjoyable to watch, and the meaning is still unfinished.

“Clash of Clans” attaches great importance to Chinese culture and the Chinese market.

In this short film, the military commander Manwang who successfully resolved the crisis will also be put on the shelves as a new year skin.

The heroine Mulan returns to the scene with a surprise, and returns home with heroic beauty!

New Year statues and fireworks fans, welcome the Spring Festival with the bright sky!

The new scene of the New Year Fair, full of sincerity in ancient charm!

In the game, there are also Spring Festival limited lucky potted plants and many fun activities waiting for everyone to play together!

In addition, the “Astronaut Barbarian King” figure jointly released by Supercell and the Chinese Academy of Sciences Association before is still on sale.

Supercell will donate part of the sales profits of this hand-made to the Chinese Academy of Sciences to build a scientific shelter, boosting the development of China’s aerospace science popularization. Go to Supercell Jingdong and Tmall flagship stores to snap up!


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