[Trial ride report]Korean style man! HYOSUNG「GV125S BOBBER」

The Korean motorcycle brand HYOSUNG is arguably the country’s most well-known motorcycle brand. Recently, HYOSUNG launched a motorcycle with a 125cc V-twin engine and BOBBER style. Let’s try the introduced GV125S BOBBER!

It’s not like the presence of 125cc at all

When I first saw the GV125S BOBBER, I was surprised by its appearance and sense of existence. I never felt that it was only a car with a displacement of 125cc.

After stepping into the car, you will immediately experience how safe a sitting height of only 710mm can bring you. The grounding ability of your feet can only be described as excellent. Coupled with the straightback riding posture, the rider will not be able to ride. Relax and comfort with excess pressure.

The engine of the GV125S BOBBER is a 125cc water-cooled four-stroke SOHC V-twin engine with a maximum horsepower of 13.5ps. The exhaust sound of the V-twin engine can be heard immediately after starting the engine, which is quite rare in the 125cc class.

When riding in urban streets, the wide and thick front and rear tires, double cradle frame and softer suspension settings provide a very comfortable riding experience. Overall, it is like riding a cruiser. So comfortable.

It is undeniable that it is a car with only 13.5ps of maximum horsepower, so when facing steep uphill sections, it still needs to switch to a low gear to maintain power, but what impresses me is that even so, This 125cc engine can still drive a 165kg body forward stably (as for the re-acceleration performance at high speeds…).

Riding posture & grounding of both feet

The seat height of GV125S BOBBER is only 710mm and it is very friendly to the people. With the upright front fork with 130mm stroke and double gun rear shocks, GV125S has a very good riding comfort.

Body details

▲It is equipped with a 125cc four-stroke V-type twin-cylinder engine that meets the EURO 5 standard. Although the cylinder body has heat dissipation fins, this engine is a water-cooled cooling structure with a bore of 42mm × a stroke of 45mm and a maximum horsepower of 13.5ps.

▲The front 16-inch and rear 15-inch aluminum alloy cast wheels are matched with tires with a width of 120mm and 150mm respectively, plus a matte black body. The overall shape of the muscle is not lost in the large displacement car.

▲The instrument panel uses a pointer tachometer with LCD screen settings. The tachometer only enters the red line zone at 10,000 rpm, and the bottom of the watch reaches 12,000 rpm! The LCD screen displays information such as speed, total mileage, single mileage, time, etc., and there are neutral lights and engine abnormal lights next to the tachometer.

▲The double seat cushion with excellent anti-slip effect adopts a chair surface design similar to diamond stitching, which adds high quality to the details, and the seat cushion can be removed with only two screws, which is quite convenient for modification.

▲The original factory also launched an optional single seat cushion, which is more in line with the BOBBER style after the replacement.

▲The front and rear disc brakes are equipped with a standard CBS system. As long as the rear and front brakes are used, they will follow the action. The advantages and disadvantages of the CBS system are different, but under actual testing, it can provide sufficient and reliable braking force.

Main specifications

Full height × full width × full length 2080×750×1050mm
Wheelbase 1425mm
Seat height 710mm
Car weight 165kg
Engine form Water-cooled four-stroke SOHC V-type double cylinder
Maximum horsepower 13.5ps/10250rpm
Maximum torque 1.037kg-m/9250rpm
Displacement 124.7cc
Gearbox Five-speed reciprocating
Fuel tank capacity 12.5L
Brake system Front=φ270mm, rear=φ250mm
Tire size Front=120/80-16 Rear=150/80-15

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