[Trial report]Yuliang plot staged! HONDA “X-ADV/FORZA 750”

HONDA has always been leading the motorcycle manufacturing industry as the “king in the industry”. Their car-making concept leads the market and launches epoch-making models according to the direction of consumers. For example, the FORZA car series that is well-known in the Scooter industry, and the NC car series that has been well received by car fans from various countries in recent years.

Coming to 2021, HONDA will integrate these two models into a new X-ADV and FORZA 750. The goal of the new car is to provide better driving pleasure, more flexible control performance than the previous NC series, and It takes into account the convenience of daily life, allowing users to take into account urban commuting and long-distance driving and fun, so that major news users who want to use one vehicle have one more choice.

When developing these two new-generation vehicles, HONDA’s development department set the element of “SMART” as its primary purpose. Because the riders of the new era have higher requirements for vehicle equipment, more advanced electronic systems can make the rider more convenient and easier to drive. In view of this, HONDA is aimed at the habits of today’s users and delegates more The electronic control system of the car is attached to its off-train.

The 2021 X-ADV and FORZA 750 share the same engine, frame and electronic control. In addition to the electronic control, a new 5-inch TFT display instrument monitors the driving conditions, and also adds an electronic throttle and different driving modes (SPORT , NORMAL, RAIN, and USER, etc.) The rider can set different engine output settings under different conditions.

Both cars are equipped with SMART KEY function. The car’s KEYLESS system can be used to control the three-box locks without the need for additional keys. As for the storage space under the 22L seat, a full-face helmet can be easily placed. The equipment is only seen in the top car models. In recent years, it has been decentralized to different car models, so that more new riders can feel these high-tech.

In the age of advanced information, smartphones are already something that must be carried like ID cards. Therefore, Honda has newly developed the Honda Smartphone Voice Control System to connect the rider’s smartphone. The rider only needs to use voice to give instructions to the vehicle. It will perform related actions, such as starting navigation, receiving calls, listening to messages and replying to messages, so that when riding, the rider can get different information and make contact under special circumstances.

In addition to electronic control,In terms of power, HONDA used the 2020 X-ADV’s 745cc water-cooled four-stroke parallel twin-cylinder engine in order to make the two Gemini more aggressive and passionate. However, the intake and exhaust have been modified to improve The maximum number of revolutions of the engine is 600rpm to 7000rpm, the maximum horsepower is also increased to 57ps/6750rpm, and the gearbox setting is also different from the old model. The gear ratio of 4 to 6 is changed to improve fuel consumption.


Although the engines, frame and electronic control of the two cars are mostly common, the positioning of the two cars is different, and the settings of the wheels, electronic control and suspension of the two cars are slightly different.

Let’s talk about the FORZA 750. As the representative of HONDA’s flagship speed reach, the main product is a daily car that can be easily ridden on urban streets and cruising on highways. Therefore, compared to X-ADV, FORZA 750 is used. The 17-inch and rear 15-inch aluminum alloy wheels and SHOWA’s SFF-BP non-adjustable inverted front fork, and the use of higher goggles, the pedal position is more comfortable, more suitable for users to drive for a long time.

In terms of storage space, car owners can purchase HONDA’s rear luggage and side boxes specially designed for FORZA 750 to increase storage space. Through the above various changes, we hope that FORZA 750 can lead the rivals YAMAHA T-MAX and SUZUKI AN650 and attract more new fans.

For editors,The appearance of FORZA 750 is more luxurious and general than the previous NC750 Integra, and it also highlights its athletic performance. It can be seen from the wind-guiding lines on both sides of the front and the big air tyrants that they can effectively guide the turbulence and greatly reduce the burden on the rider in long-distance driving.

A pair of split diamond-shaped LED headlights replace the previous integrated headlights, and the left and right direction lights are designed to be integrated with the car body at the mid-waist position. However, it is a pity that HONDA did not add an adjustable structure to the goggles. If necessary in the future, car owners will have to replace goggles with different lengths to meet their different needs.


Since X-ADV was launched in 2017, everyone can see his unprecedented success. Mixing the elements of mid-displacement speed reachability and ADV together made a lot of people interested in ADV, but feared that they would not be able to cater to their daily lives. His appeal was compared to the previous year. The BW’S cross-country speed introduced by YAMAHA is up to speed, but it is even worse.

Compared with FORZA 750, X-ADV is of course more focused on off-road performance, so by adding additional electronic control and configuration, X-ADV becomes a “smart” urban, off-road dual-use adventure car. In order to allow X-ADV to adapt to moderate to mild off road sections, HONDA adopted a 17-inch front and 15-inch sealed steel wire frame and an adjustable 41mm inverted front fork (stroke up to 120mm) , The pedal position is also straighter, which is convenient for the rider to stand up and control when off-road. In terms of electronic control, X-ADV has more power modes of GRAVEL MODE than FORZA, allowing riders to be free from ABS system Under the influence, enjoy his motivation.

The shape of the 2021 X-ADV is thinner than the shape of the FORZA 750. The overall shape is more sci-fi and hardcore than the previous X-ADV, and the most special thing is the integration of the headlights. On the lamp, there is the X-ADV LOGO to make the image more unique.

The four-stage height adjustment goggles can be easily set with just one hand. The wider handle than FORZA 750 makes it easier to cope with different road conditions when driving off road. These are the necessary settings for heavy-duty ADV models. HONDA is also integrated into X-ADV one by one.

To sum up, as the so-called department store meets hundreds of passengers, X-ADV not only attracts many fans who are enthusiastic about ADV cars, but also attracts many people who want to contact ADV cars, but it is limited by car price or size. The knight, one more channel to enter this ADV world.

Of course, as mentioned in the previous article, X-ADV not only can cope with the effect of off-road sections, but also uses its convenience and user-friendly design to cope with daily urban commuting. Therefore, if you want the most top-notch configuration, and also want to have a multi-function adventure car without shifting gears, then X-ADV is your first choice.

Compared with X-ADV, FORZA 750 is more suitable for some people who often need to travel long distances to work across districts, hoping to have a rider who can easily cope with urban commuting and daily access. Of course, with the performance of the FORZA 750, it is absolutely no problem to enjoy driving on mountain roads or express highways. Moreover, under the current high fuel prices, the low fuel consumption of this 754cc engine does not need to be doubted.

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