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[Trial report]Ignore the road conditions! YAMAHA「TRICITY 300」


LMW (Leaning Multi-Wheeler) is a type of motorcycle developed exclusively by YAMAHA. The biggest feature is a three-wheel configuration with two front wheels and a single rear wheel. The current models equipped with LMW structure include NIKEN and TIRCITY.

The word TRICITY is a combination of the number three (TRIPLE) and the city (CITY), which means that the TRICITY car series is quite suitable as a commuter car model. Currently, there are three types of displacements: 125cc, 155cc and 300cc. This time, let Yoaki Tanita, who was the editor of the motorcycle magazine, bring us a detailed test ride report of the TRICITY 300!

Unique front double wheel shape

[Full length/full width/full height]2,050mm/815mm/1,470mm
【Car weight】237kg
[Minimum height from the ground]130mm

The fact that there are only two front wheels is the biggest feature of the TRICITY car series. The 300cc tested this time is the most exhausted model in the car series. The body length is 2050mm and the wheelbase is 1595mm. The overall size is similar. It is slightly larger than the same class, and the first two wheels also need more space when parking.

Large cushions but the grounding of both feet is not good

Although the height of the seat cushion is not high, 795mm, because the seat cushion area is relatively wide, the heel will hang about 5cm when trying to touch the ground with both feet. Therefore, the groundability of the feet cannot be said to be good, but YAMAHA aims to eliminate this Feeling uneasy, the “assisted standing function” has been added to TRICITY 300, which will be described in detail later.

Lamps and lanterns

The headlights, taillights and direction lights all use LED as the light source. The headlights have a sense of presence and can be recognized as TRICITY 300 at a glance.


Although it uses a monochrome LCD dashboard, the display items include speed, speed, remaining fuel, clock, total mileage, single mileage, average fuel consumption, instant fuel consumption, oil mileage, driving belt mileage, tracking control system status, outdoor The temperature is quite rich and varied, and there is almost no shortage.


The TRICITY 300 is equipped with the same 292cc water-cooled four-stroke single-cylinder engine as the XMAX 300, with a maximum horsepower of 21kW/7,250rpm and a maximum torque of 29Nm/5,750rpm. Although 250cc, which does not require annual inspection, is more popular for Japanese vehicle inspection systems, it is more reasonable and practical to use a 300cc engine as a power source than a vehicle weighing 237kg.


The width of the handle is 795mm, which is completely covered by a plastic cover like the general scooter. However, a large-diameter steering shaft is used inside to increase rigidity, pursuing a sporty riding experience and a direct driving experience.

Chassis structure

Unlike other tricycle models that use double A-arms or multi-link structures, the two front wheels of TRICITY 300 have two on each side, a total of four front forks are supported, and the tires are BRIDGESTONE specifically designed for LMW vehicles. Battlax SC, which is developed and designed, has a rigid balance and composite material that is different from general products, and further pursues grip, abrasion resistance and grip performance on wet and slippery roads.

Brake system

The three wheels of TRICITY 300 all use NISSIN one-way single-piston calipers with fixed disc settings. However, because of the three tires, the TRICITY 300 has a fairly good braking performance when braking, and the braking distance under the same conditions It will be shorter than the average car.

In addition to the three-wheel independent ABS system, the TRICITY 300 is also equipped with a front and rear linkage brake system as standard. As long as the rider manipulates the left brake lever, the vehicle will automatically distribute the braking force evenly to the three wheels, so that every rider can enjoy the tricycle Unique powerful braking performance.

exhaust pipe

TRICITY 300 is equipped with the Blue Core engine pursuing high fuel efficiency. It achieved 38.4km/L in a two-person riding test at a fixed speed and 31.5km/L in WMTC mode. The average fuel consumption in actual driving of 100 km is about 28km/L. .

Tracking control system

TRICITY 300 is the first TRICITY car to be equipped with a tracking control system. The AMW that allows LMW to maintain the grip of the front wheels, the ABS that prevents lock-up, and the tracking control system that prevents the rear wheels from losing control form powerful active safety. Although the danger cannot be completely avoided, it can at least greatly reduce the rider’s fear when riding on slippery roads; by the way, the tracking control system can be turned on or off.


The fuel tank with a capacity of 13L is installed in the center of the vehicle body, and the plastic cover outside the circular fuel filler opening is directly opened by the main lock switch. By the way, when the fuel gauge on the dashboard starts to flash, the remaining fuel level is about 2.4L. At this time, the vehicle will automatically display the cruising range to warn the rider of the remaining travelable distance.


The seat cushion itself and the hinge structure are shared with XMAX 300. Although the front seat and backrest are a bit far for Asians, the anti-slip effect of the surface is quite obvious, and the ride comfort is also very good. Owners who are uncomfortable with their feet on the ground, A lowered seat cushion with a seat height reduction of up to 40mm is also available.

Foot pedal

Unlike TRICITY 125/155, the pedals of TRICITY 300 are not flat design, but a keel structure with a fuel tank in the center. This is also a testament to the speedy car that pursues sports performance.

Due to the large volume of the front two-wheel structure, the length of the pedals is not long, but the pedal space on both sides is narrow but the length is sufficient, so even a tall knight, there is no place to put his feet.

Storage space

There is a 45L storage space with LED lighting under the seat cushion. Up to two helmets can be placed at the same time, or one helmet and an A4 size briefcase. The cushion is also opened from the main lock switch, and the hinge has a damping structure. Avoid accidentally hitting the rider with the opened cushion.

Wisdom key

From the start, fuel tank cap, open seat cushion, faucet lock, etc., you can use the smart key. As long as the owner has the smart key on his body, he can operate the above functions once he is close to the car. It also has a warning function to prevent the owner from Leave the car with the switch turned off, and the answering function for finding vehicles in the motorcycle parking lot is also available.

Charging socket/parking brake

There is a 12V1A DC power socket on the right under the handle, and the parking brake on the left. Just pull the lever to lock the hub brake in the rear wheel.

Central Station

In addition to the side parking required for motorcycle models, TRICITY 300 is also equipped with center parking as standard. Therefore, it is recommended to turn on the auxiliary standing function when parking, and then directly stand up center parking.

In addition to increasing the stability when parking, the motorcycle will not fall down when it is parked in the middle, which definitely makes people feel very at ease. Of course, the rider can also choose to stand up the side parking frame to park, if necessary, you can also choose the side parking frame + turn on the auxiliary standing function of parking.

Handle switch

In addition to the switch on the right hand grip switch, which integrates the electric start and emergency shutdown functions, and the emergency warning light button, because there are no buttons around the instrument panel, the instrument panel functions must be controlled through the “SEL / RES” button on the right switch. The opening and closing of trace control is also operated by this key.

The left handle switch not only has a far/in light integrated overtaking light button, as well as a direction light and horn, but also an additional button to assist standing.

Comfortable and reassuring riding performance, the “luxury station wagon” in the world of Scooter

The TRICITY 300 with two front wheels is the fourth wave of LMW models launched by YAMAHA. It is also the latest model launched by YAMAHA after TRICITY 125, TRICITY 155 and NIKEN equipped with MT-09 engines.

The use occasions for this test ride include commuting to get off work and urban movement. Regarding the biggest feature of the new LMW car, the “assisted standing function” will be mentioned in the final summary. First, let us introduce the experience of this test ride from the perspective of ordinary scooter.

My initial impression of TRICITY 300 is that the engine is very smooth. It has very little vibration and is very brisk when pulling up the speed. Its not light body can move forward easily. The automatic clutch connection is not abrupt at all and the action is very natural. The automatic transmission is not set to be able to The engine speed is barely increased, so the quiet and smooth engine characteristics of TRICITY 300 become more obvious.

During the test ride, the author actually rode it on the capital highway, and the TRICITY 300 can also exert enough horsepower on the highway. It is not disturbing at all when converging, and it feels similar to a 250cc brisk bike.

Although I don’t know why YAMAHA has set the exhaust volume at a low level or even 300cc that requires vehicle inspection, I think this is because I want the 237kg car body that is heavier with the LMW device to travel easily, so the exhaust Naturally, the amount must be larger than 250cc.

LMW is the abbreviation of “Leaning Multi Wheel”, which refers to motorcycles with all tires that can lean with the body like a normal two-tire motorcycle, and the total number of tires is more than 3, because the front wheel uses a complex device , So the front body of the car will naturally become quite bulky, but the sense of stability will be more stable than that of a motorcycle with only one front wheel. The front wheels can also feel the grip when passing through slippery roads. Even in bad road conditions, the two front wheels can absorb the impact caused by uneven roads, so the motorcycle is not easy to shake.

For example, even if you ride obliquely to a place where there is a height difference on the shoulder, you need to pay attention to the angle of inclination not too small for this kind of ordinary motorcycle. TRICITY 300 is because the front wheels are alone on the road with the height difference. , So naturally it can ride smoothly.

Although the author did not encounter the tracking control system in the trial ride, but the tracking control system is equipped to make people feel particularly at ease.

LMW models basically use the Parallelogram connecting rod, which is a parallel connecting rod design, and TRICITY 300 also adds the same Ackerman steering geometry as NIKEN. To put it simply, TRICITY125/155 is often (roughly) in a parallel crosscut state when steering.

The NIKEN and TRICITY 300 with Ackerman steering geometry are all tires adjusted to a right angle (compared to the turning center point). Although it looks like an error in the cut corners of the left and right front wheels, this makes the whole bike more natural to ride.

By the way, the front and rear 14-inch tires are the standard tire size for this class of Scooter. Regarding the “absorption” performance on uneven roads, although the left and right front wheels perform very well and can absorb the impact separately, if you ride directly from the front to a place with a difference in height, the two front wheels will bear the impact at the same time When it is strong, it will hit the ground like a regular 14-inch scooter, and because of the weight of the car, the feeling of hitting the ground will be more obvious.

Nevertheless, if it is the kind of street riding in daily life, the excellent stability and absorption capacity of the front wheel can be felt in most riding scenes, as well as an ordinary rear wheel.

In terms of braking, because there are two front wheels, the braking performance is very powerful. Because the two front wheels are equipped with disc brakes, they naturally have a strong braking force, but more importantly, this car can “allow the rider to brake with confidence.”

Its brakes are not that sharp to the abrupt feeling, but can exert braking force very smoothly. The brake itself uses a front and rear linkage system, which can adjust the braking force of the front and rear wheels to the most suitable ratio. Although the left and right brake levers are right: focus on the front wheel / left: focus on the feeling of the rear wheel, but including on the capital highway, etc. Waiting for places, no matter how fast or slow the car makes you feel very natural.

The brand-new “support standing function”!

The next thing to introduce is the long-awaited support function for standing up for the first time in YAMAHA’s LMW models. This device uses electric brake calipers to lock the brake discs in the front wheel linkages, allowing the rider to fix the car body in an upright state in any riding situation.

The operation of the auxiliary standing function itself is quite simple. When the speed is below 10km/h, press and hold the switch near the index finger of the left hand to activate the auxiliary standing function. If you want to unlock, just press the same button twice, or activate the accelerator. can.

I first tried to use this function when starting and waiting for the traffic lights to stop. Stop in the normal way, step on the ground and stand upright, then press the switch. Then you will hear a loud warning sound “Force -“, and then the system will start to operate, and the car body will automatically maintain an upright state. All that is left is to lift your feet to the pedals. Go, sit on the motorcycle and wait for the red light to turn to green.

If you are on an uphill section, you can choose to hold down the brake lever or use the parking brake (don’t forget to release it). This feature really makes people feel very comfortable. As long as the throttle is activated, the lock will be automatically unlocked when the sound of “force-force-” sounds, and then you can start riding normally.

In fact, the feeling of sitting down on TRICITY 300 is much higher than its seat cushion height of 795mm. Because of this, I would like to try to see if my feet are completely off the ground when parking, and then it is natural to start moving forward. If the auxiliary function is activated again before stopping, the vehicle can successfully stop without touching the ground.

Because the assisted standing function can only be activated at a speed of 10km/h or less, the timing of pressing the switch becomes very important. If it is a normal deceleration, the last 2m before stopping is probably the most critical. At that time, the numbers on the speedometer decrease in order from 40…30…20. When it becomes less than 10km/h, press the switch. This action needs to be Simultaneously balance left and right.

Please note that the motorcycle is likely to vibrate very inconspicuously before it stops completely. This also allows the author to experience once again that if you want to achieve the ultimate goal of “keep the car body vertical and then stop”, even in the last 1-2 seconds, the rider still needs to constantly adjust the balance. Because the auxiliary standing device is activated in the state of adjusting the balance, if it is not stuck in the “best position”, the vehicle body will become slanted and stopped.

The following is the advantage of an auxiliary standing device, that is, it can keep people relaxed even in traffic jams. The author unexpectedly discovered that this device can free the rider’s feet from the trouble of constantly landing on the ground, and will not cause people to have the bad idea of ​​”just shuttle in the car formation” due to traffic jams.

The riding performance of TRICITY 300 has the unique lively characteristics of Scooter and the sense of stability and peace of mind of a luxury station wagon. Compared with the TRICITY 125/155 with a strong urban commuter style, even in the more suburban areas of Europe, it will be within the range of TRICITY 300, and the quiet and smooth engine will bring ease of riding. The performance is very matched with the stability of the LMW car and the sense of peace of mind brought by the auxiliary standing function.

TRICITY 300 is not just a car that simply provides riders with a quick commute. It is also a luxury station wagon for adults who want riders to put their luggage in the space under the cushion and go for a drive directly.

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