[Trial report]BMW “R1200RT”, the king of sports travel

The motorcycle travel boom that was originally prevalent in foreign countries has become popular in Asia in recent years. Many riders from China, Hong Kong and Taiwan have begun to be interested in station wagons, but station wagons are actually divided into different types, except for long-distance cruising. In addition to the models, there are also multi-functional adventure models that can handle relatively simple and medium-volume OFF-ROAD sections, as well as Sport Touring bikes with mixed sports performance and comfort. Of course, you can also install large and small street cars. Saddle box or side bag to meet the needs of long-distance travel.

And this time, the editor will first introduce you to the SPORT TOURING category. There are a lot of cars in this category. Car manufacturers from Japan to Europe and the United States have launched this category of cars, and the loyalty is BMW. RT cars, RT cars have been the reference targets of major manufacturers for many years, and they have gained the confidence and recommendations of riders in all aspects.

This time, the R1200RT that the editor borrowed from a friend belongs to the 2011 style. It is a water truck purchased by the owner from Japan and returned to Hong Kong. This generation of RT uses a 1170cc gas-oil-cooled horizontal dual-cylinder engine, which can perform 108.6 at 7,750prm. The maximum horsepower of ps, the torque can be squeezed out 12.2kg/m at 6,000rpm, this performance is already outstanding on the roads of Hong Kong, whether it is used for high-speed cruising or busy walking in the busy road section will not be too little.

The RT with a vehicle weight of 229KG is considered to be a medium level and not too heavy for the public upgrade TOURING vehicle type.Because the heavy-duty SPORT TOURING launched by a major Japanese factory has a dry weight of 304KG according to its factory data, It can be seen that although RT looks like a big horse, BMW’s engineers have stolen light cars from the inside out to reduce the burden on the rider.

The original seat height can be adjusted in two stages up to 820mm and 840mm. In order to accommodate the main body of the car, this RT adopts the seat cushion lowering assembly of the famous British BMW refit brand Wunderlich and then reduces it by 10mm.

In addition, the ESA electronic suspension system of this generation can adjust the settings of the front and rear cranes through the buttons on the left handle. The settings are divided into three sections: SPORT, NORMAL and COMFORT. In addition, you can set single /Tandem riding and whether there is a mode of carrying luggage. After completing the settings, just press the button, and the front and rear suspension will act according to the settings.

In terms of electronic control, TOURING equipment is available, such as the heating equipment mentioned above and the early cruise system. The RT is equipped with electric lifting goggles from this generation. The raised goggles are used for high-speed driving. This can help reduce turbulence affecting drivers.

This time the edited test drive section is Hong Kong’s recent hot Tuen Chi route. In order to get a good taste of the characteristics of this R1200RT, friends even loaned their car to the editor for a more detailed test. To put it simply in terms of handling, the editor feels fat but not stupid, big but not heavy when riding. Because of the low center of gravity created by the horizontally opposed engine designed by BMW, this car with a total length of 2230mm and a full width of 905mm (without side boxes) is very flexible. As long as the rider is willing to act with his inclination, the car will It will follow your waist and hand movements to move around, coupled with the cooperation of the clutch and the throttle, can make this R1200RT that looks like a giant from the outside, as agile as a 400-600cc street car. The sense of reality given by the frame and suspension system is very sufficient,

But there are some places that make the editor a bit dissatisfied. Although the ESA suspension system of R1200RT can be very comfortable in very detailed and slow driving conditions, it feels that the toughness of the rear suspension is a bit insufficient when driving fast. Although I have tried NORMAL And SPORT mode, but it still feels a bit too hard.

In addition to the low center of gravity, this horizontally lying engine is particularly suitable for the Hong Kong climate, because it is known to be traffic jams and then traffic jams on the first day when the Tun Chi trunk line was opened to traffic. In addition, the temperature reached 30 degrees that day. The heavy mechanism of a public upgrade should be a torment, but what is surprising is that neither the editor nor the passengers in the back seat feel sultry, because the cylinder head of the horizontally facing engine is low and exposed outside the body, greatly Increased heat dissipation efficiency, so that riders and passengers will not suffer from the high temperature of the engine.

In terms of electronic control, the original audio system was installed on this RT when it arrived. The editor plugged in a USB finger to play different songs and wandered along the North Lantau Highway. Every time a different car passed by, the passengers on the car would pay attention to the editor. The ceremony has greatly increased the editor’s satisfaction. Of course, I know secretly that this RT is too similar to the police car ridden by the Hong Kong police, so that the express highway scares others.

When driving with the electronic speed control system at the six-speed mid-to-low speed, you don’t have to worry about speeding, just worry about the traffic ahead, which greatly reduces the burden on driving. If you need to release the speed control system, just twist the accelerator slightly. Extremely convenient.

In terms of riding posture, the seat height is a bit too short to edit the height of 181cm, and the legs are a bit excessively bent, but this may be because the owner modified the Wunderlish kit, and the rear seat passengers said that the distance of the rear foot is a bit too far. But the passenger is only 148cm tall, it is really difficult to satisfy her.

And the last point is that the engine of R1200RT is an earlier horizontal horizontal engine after all. Since the position of the crankshaft is perpendicular to the body of the motorcycle, the inertia when the crankshaft rotates will affect the dynamics of the car body. , When you twist the throttle in place to fill up the fuel, you will feel a force pulling the vehicle body to the right. This shortcoming needs to have little effect, but the editors have tried to make a big right turn because of this force. It has a slight impact, but you only need to control the throttle, but this shortcoming has been greatly improved after 2015. The editor has tested the R1200GS ADVENTURE and the latest R1250GS for 15 years. This problem has been solved.

Although it is said that the road environment in Hong Kong is not suitable for the survival of large-scale TOURING BIKE, it is not only difficult to park but also tests the body shape of many riders, but in fact, if you know how to integrate its advantages into daily life, you will understand the superiority of this heavy motorcycle. Here, the editor will continue to introduce such behemoths to you at WEBIKE HK.

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