Trial of Michel Venne The complainant continues to defend her position

Trial of Michel Venne The complainant continues to defend her position

On the 3rd day of the trial of Michel Venne, accused of exploitation and sexual assault, the defense tirelessly questioned the alleged victim who managed to keep his cool and continued to defend his position.

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Rarely have we seen lawyers question a victim at such length and dissect, in such a surgical manner, the gestures or words that she may have made or pronounced following the alleged assaults.

Since Monday afternoon, the alleged victim of Venne, whose identity is protected by a publication ban, has recounted and analyzed each event that occurred following the alleged assault she says she suffered in 2008.

One of the important pieces of the debate is a conversation that the young woman had with the former Minister of the Status of Women Lise Payette that she recorded without her knowledge, in October 2017.


Tuesday, the defense lawyers managed to demonstrate that the young woman had made a montage of ten minutes from a recording that lasted twenty-two, making, to do this, “between 15 and 17 cuts “.

Wednesday, Me Lida Sara Nouraie, one of the lawyers representing the interests of the accused, tried to get the complainant to say what she intended when she manipulated the recording, implying that she had ” glued together several pieces of conversation to suggest that it was an ongoing discussion ”.

“I find that I am given a lot of intentions … I did not paste sentences to make him say things … Several passages which have been removed in no way alter the intrinsic character and meaning of the discussion ”, specified the complainant.

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Let us recall that the conversation in question has still not been entered into evidence, but was instead heard in the context of a voir dire and that Judge Stéphane Poulin will have to determine whether the latter can be put into evidence since the defense appears to challenge the integrity and authenticity of the recording.

“The content does not interest us … but the manipulations she made of it, yes”, has also mentioned Me Nicholas Saint-Jacques, who also defends the interests of Venne.

The actions alleged against the 60-year-old man allegedly occurred in two sequences. A first time, he would have put a hand on the thigh of the young woman near her vagina and on another occasion, would have put a hand on her hip and on her private parts. The trial is scheduled for two weeks.


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