Trial of François Asselin Beginning of the jury's deliberations

Trial of François Asselin Beginning of the jury’s deliberations

The jury’s deliberations in François Asselin’s trial began Monday at the Trois-Rivières courthouse, the 38-year-old man facing two counts of unpremeditated murder and two more of contempt of a corpse.

The 10 women and two men began their deliberations at the end of the afternoon and will have the task of deciding whether Mr. Asselin is guilty of 2nd degree murder, manslaughter or if he is not criminally responsible.

The Defense thesis is based on the non-criminal liability for mental disorders.

According to psychiatrist Marie-Frédérique Allard, François Asselin suffers from a primary psychotic disorder, possibly schizophrenia.

The expert of the Crown, the psychiatrist Sylvain Faucher, for his part refuted this allegation, speaking rather of an intoxication which would have led to an alteration of his perceptions.

François Asselin did not deny the two murders, whether it was that of his father, Gilles Giasson, whom he allegedly killed and dismembered in the accommodation they shared in Trois-Rivières or that of François Lefebvre, a colleague of work, in a motel in Sherbrooke.

The two murders are said to have taken place about a week apart in May 2018.

Gilles Giasson’s remains were found in garbage bags at the Saint-Étienne-des-Grès landfill site when those of François Lefebvre were located in a cardboard box in a warehouse owned by the company Ovation Logistique, in Sherbrooke.


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