Trial of a Hells' Daughter No one can tell how much she drank alcohol

Trial of a Hells’ Daughter No one can tell how much she drank alcohol

No one who had partied on a boat with the daughter of a Hells Angels was able to tell the court how much alcohol she consumed before causing a face-to-face which cost her life. life to her best friend.

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When the Crown asked Karell Tanguay’s friends if they had seen her drinking alcohol on July 15, 2018, the answer was still much the same.

“I saw her with a glass in my hand, but I can’t say what was in it,” Alexanne Mainville told the courthouse in Salaberry-de-Valleyfield on Friday.

The day before, the owner of the boat on which the party took place used practically the same words to answer M’s question.e Patrick Cardinal.

“Energy ball”

“Karell is a ball of energy. Compare her to find out if she had drunk alcohol or if she was just happy, I don’t know, ”added Claude Carrier.

Both testified at the trial of the daughter of veteran motorcyclist Yvon Tanguay, who is charged with dangerous driving, impaired driving and driving with over 80 mg of alcohol resulting in death and injury.

The 24-year-old accused is accused of having caused a violent impact on Route 132, in Saint-Stanislas-de-Kostka, in Montérégie, after a day of feasting on a boat as part of the Régates de Valleyfield.

Passenger of the Nissan Juke of Karell Tanguay, his best friend, Olivia Drozdoski Richardson, perished during the face-to-face. The couple in the other vehicle suffered serious injuries.

After the day on the boat, a taxi was called to take Tanguay and the 22-year-old victim to a restaurant.

Divergent versions

Was it because the girls couldn’t drive? Because there was no room for them in Pierre Théorêt’s car? Or because they were in a hurry to eat, as the latter told Judge Richard Marleau on Friday?

Difficult to say, because the versions all seem to diverge on this precise point.

One thing is certain, Tanguay ended up getting behind the wheel of his SUV.

Neither the taxi driver nor the three police officers at the scene of the collision could detect the smell of alcohol, but a blood test was taken at the hospital.

According to our information, the level of alcohol in the blood of the Sherbrooke resident is close to double the permitted limit.

This data has not yet been presented at trial, but Mr.e Michel Vleminckx, of the defense, has already indicated that he will challenge it. The cause continues in May.


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