Trial in Sherbrooke Guilty of the manslaughter of her baby

Trial in Sherbrooke Guilty of the manslaughter of her baby

Alexandre Roux was found guilty of the manslaughter of his 6 week old baby on Thursday afternoon at the Sherbrooke courthouse.

The 22-year-old accused did not testify at his trial related to events that occurred in February 2018 in the Bromptonville area, in Sherbrooke.

To the police, after his arrest, he denied having shaken his child, to then say that he had no idea what had happened on the evening of February 26, 2018 when his wife Ariane Pomerleau and his mother the had left alone with little Liam and his stepfather to get to the pool.

“The version of the accused is not credible”

“The only conclusion is that he is the author of the actions,” summed up judge Danielle Côté.

“There has been an event between when the child is doing well, when the mother and grandmother leave, and when they come back and call the paramedics,” she added.

“Liam was shaken up. No one else can have done it except the accused who took care of it, ”Judge Côté summed up.

Alexandre Roux remains at large and a pre-sentence report has been requested.

The prosecution intends to seek a firm jail term, but it is not known for how many years at this point. We will have to wait for the time of the representations on the observation of the sentence on February 17 to find out.


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