François Asselin trial sometimes violent and paranoid

Trial François Asselin confesses his crime to the police

The trial of François Asselin took a particular turn on Tuesday at the Trois-Rivières courthouse, with the presentation of a video where the accused confesses to having killed his father, Gilles Giasson.

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The jurors were able to hear his confession during the viewing of the interrogation conducted on May 28, 2018 by the investigator Cédric Ménard of the Sûreté du Québec, an interrogation which lasted more than six hours.

As he confesses, the accused is seen to twitch, clench and loosen his fists as if he wanted to punch. We also hear him cry out his rage and when the policeman leaves him alone for a few minutes, we see him take his head in his hands and cry.

On Monday, François Asselin’s ex-wife told the court that when he had consumed narcotics, he became paranoid. He imagined in particular that she was cheating on him with everyone, be it the postman, the police, the neighbors and even his own father, Gilles Giasson.

In the interrogation room, when Asselin finally confesses his crime, he makes reference to these alleged deceptions. You can hear him say: “He took my life from me, he osti it, it’s not correct. He took my family from me. It’s not correct man. Why he did this to me osti. My own father! He stole my girlfriend, my family! ”

Questioned by the police officer, François Asselin affirms that before killing his father, he had taken ectasia, pot and beer.

At the end of the interrogation, the police officer offers to record a video for his children and another for his family. To his children he says he loves them and that “daddy has been mean to bad guys”.

To members of his family, he says he hopes they can understand, that he loves them and ends by saying: “don’t judge me too hard.”


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