Traveloka Vietnam launches “Xperience” feature for experienced enthusiasts

Last 25/06 in Tp. HCM, Traveloka has officially launched a new feature called “Xperience”. This is a convenient, easy-to-use feature that helps customers discover and book travel experiences and lifestyle.

The Xperience feature allows domestic and international travelers to enjoy a variety of travel services and unique experiences right where they live. Product categories include Sights, Tours, Entertainment, Events, Beauty & Spa, Sports, Playgrounds, Classes & Workshops, Food, Transportation, Travel essentials Movie schedule and tickets (coming soon). Traveloka currently offers more than 15,000 attractive products and services for Traveloka users in seven countries, including Vietnam, Indonesia, Thailand, Philippines, Malaysia, Singapore and Australia.

Xperience was born with the mission to make trips more memorable with just one platform – easy to use, reliable, eliminates worries before every trip away. This feature makes it easy for customers to discover, book and receive tickets instantly from many fun activities in the exciting experience treasure of Traveloka. In particular, Traveloka Xperience regularly has special promotions and good price promotions in Vietnam, helping customers turn their thirst for experience to reality.

Ms. Sylvia Gunawan, Global Traveloka Xperience Development Director and Ms. Huynh Thi Mai Thy, Director of Traveloka Vietnam, guide the experience of Xperience products.

Attending the product launch, grandmother Sylvia Gunawan, Global Traveloka Xperience Development Director, said: “Vietnam has become one of the most popular destinations in Southeast Asia, and is in the top 3 markets of Traveloka. At Traveloka, we are on a mission to accompany users to explore the world. And we believe that exploring the world is only satisfying when customers can enjoy rich and unique experiences. We are very pleased to introduce Traveloka Xperience – a promising product – in Vietnam, a key market and possessing great development potential of Traveloka. ”

Ms. Huynh Thi Mai Thy, Director of Traveloka Vietnam, shared: “Traveloka is proud to introduce a” one-touch booking and payment “product called” Xperience “to better serve the diverse needs, as well as simplify the travel and lifestyle experiences of customers both inside and outside Vietnam. “The core value of Xperience is to provide people with invaluable experiences and moments for those who love them to be more honorable and unforgettable than ever.”

About Traveloka

Traveloka is a leading online travel company in Southeast Asia, integrating travel and lifestyle services on the same platform. Currently, Traveloka is offering flight booking services, hotels, train tickets, flight and hotel combo tickets, airport transfers, sightseeing & entertainment activities, connections, and food. . Traveloka has established partnerships with more than 100 airlines, offering more than 200,000 destinations across Asia Pacific and Europe. The company also owns the largest accommodation service warehouse in Southeast Asia, with a variety of hotels, apartments, guest houses, homestays, resorts and villas. Traveloka offers more than 40 secure, user-friendly payment methods for users in Indonesia, Vietnam, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore and Philippines, as well as 24/7 customer service in local languages. . Traveloka application has reached more than 40 million downloads, becoming the most trusted travel application in Southeast Asia.

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