Transparent Coca-Cola is preparing to launch in Japan

This June, Coca-Cola will launch a transparent version exclusively for the Japanese market called Coca-Cola Clear.

According to the My NaviThe idea of ​​a transparent drink was raised by Coca-Cola Japan. Coca-Cola headquarters in the US research and develop products for a year.

Coca-Cola wants to get rid of the caramel color while preserving the outstanding flavor of the cola. After more than 50 samples, the company found the right version for the mild, kcal-free lemon flavor.

Coca-Cola Clear.


Coca-Cola Clear is scheduled to be available in Japan from June 11, priced at 140 yen ($ 1.69) for a 500 ml bottle, and 115 yen for a 280 ml bottle.

In May, Coca-Cola launched Japan’s first alcoholic beverage. The three versions of Lemon-Do, lemon-flavored, have different alcohol levels and are aimed at young women who like to drink chuhai – drinks containing vodka or shochu, which have a fruity flavor.

Pepsi announced the transparent version of Crystal Pepsi in the early 1990s. Coca-Cola then did not try to transparent its brand-name drink, but instead made it transparent, Tab, a type of diet cola.

Nhu Tam / Strait Times
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