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Translation COVID-19: I want to restore aviation operations after May 17

Passenger at Heathrow International Airport in London, UK. Documentary photo: AFP / VNA

Above is the opinion of British Aviation Minister Robert Courts given at a meeting of a parliamentary committee of this country on 3/3.

According to Minister Courts, there will be no tourism activities in the UK before May 17 and the country will consider resuming air travel after that time.

Last week, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson said the ban on international flights to and from England would be maintained at least until May 17.

Global travel and tourism activities plummeted due to the COVID-19 pandemic, which severely impacted many service industries, especially airlines and hotels.

According to figures released by the Portuguese Hotel Association (AHP) on March 3, hotels in this country have lost 73% of their total revenue in the past year. More than 60% of the 502 hotel managers surveyed forecast the industry to recover only in early 2023.

Currently, 70% of hotels in Portugal are closed between January and February – when Portugal issued a second blockade to control the COVID-19 epidemic. Most hoteliers do not expect to reopen until May 2021.

Due to the impact of the COVID-19 epidemic, the Portuguese tourism industry suffered its worst damage since the 1980s. Hotel occupancy decreased the most in Lisbon (55%).

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