Transfer a MiniDV tape to a computer
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Transfer a MiniDV tape to a computer

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A Mini DV tape is used in video cameras to generally record up to 60 minutes. Falling out of favor due to the majority presence of digital cameras today, it is still possible to find cameras that require the use of Mini DV tapes and it is therefore necessary to transmit the content saved on the tapes to a computer to make edits and share with the friends. Here’s how to do that.

Necessary equipment

First of all, your desktop or notebook needs to be equipped with a IEEE1394 input (also called FireWire on Apple devices and i.Link on Sony machines). If your computer does not have one, you can install an IEEE1394 card or use an analog-to-digital converter on the USB port to transfer.

One way or another, when the camera is connected to the PC, the contents of the tape will be recognized automatically. It is also necessary to use some multimedia editing software to open the recorded video and be able to save it on the machine.

Files recorded on Mini DV tape have the MPEG2 format. This extension is compatible with almost any multimedia player and there shouldn’t be much of a problem with that. VLC, for example, easily reads this format.

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