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Tranquility made the first long post for “Creation Camp” on Weibo. Are you looking forward to the tutor Jing Jingzi?

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On February 17, the long-awaited “Creation Camp 2021” will finally be broadcast. Tranquility, who served as a mentor in the program, posted a small composition on Weibo, and accompanied it: “The first long article on Weibo was given to Chuang, so you must do it well.” The trip to Camp is very much anticipated and valued.

Before the official announcement of Tranquility as a member of the instructor group, many netizens expressed that they did not understand, because Tranquility is not a professional singing and dancing singer, but an actor. Many people felt that she could not guide students in singing and dancing. Role, many people questioned what she can teach.

However, Tranquility’s performance in the previous hit variety show “Sister Riding the Wind and Waves” was indeed unexpected, and finally debuted with excellent results in the c position.

As Tranquility said in this long article, I was in the women’s team last year, and this year I think I can leap with the men’s team, which is another challenge for myself.

In this small essay, Jing said that he had self-identified and felt that his three views are quite right, and there are still many things that can be output, so he came to the stage of “Creation Camp”.

The editor took a look at the full text, combined with some of the words that Sister Jing said before, and found that Sister Jing’s three views are indeed very positive, and her speech is also very motivating.

At the beginning of the article, Jing said that as soon as he meets the members, he will call the trainees “babies” because they are at the most precious age in life! Afterwards, she recalled her career as an actress when she was young, saying that she always bravely shuttled through the set with the spirit of being a newborn calf and not afraid of tigers, keeping her enthusiasm and ambition in the face of the future.

Indeed, as early as 1995, Tranquility, who was only 23 years old, entered the public eye with “Sunny Days” and was nominated for the Golden Horse Award. His innocent but fashionable and avant-garde appearance was so exciting and became a generation. The classic in mind.

Then “Red River Valley”, “The Secret History of Xiaozhuang”, “The Female General of the Yang Family” and other excellent classic film and television works have established Tranquility’s position in the entertainment industry.

He has a hot personality and has always been a straightforward character. The image of dare to speak, dare to do and always needs silence in “Flowers and Boys” has caused much discussion. Although many people say that they can’t accept it, many netizens find that the true character of Jing Jie is very pleasant.

Although Tranquility is now nearly half a hundred years old, as she said, she will always maintain the spirit of being a newborn calf not afraid of tigers. She is trying more and more fresh things, such as participating in the women’s group program, such as acting as the “Creation The mentor of the Camp.

Sister Jing also mentioned the problem of “twisted pork” in this small composition. Because everyone knows that there have been too many talent shows in recent years, and the real good seedlings have basically been selected.

Therefore, there are many “tweeted meat” phenomena. Many people who did not make their debut after participating in the previous show will continue to participate in the next audition show. Such behavior is indeed a bit disgusting for some viewers, giving them the title of “tweeted meat”.

Sister Jing responded to this question with her high EQ this time, saying that she never rejects tweeting meat, and that being alive is a state of life that keeps “tweeting”, so don’t be afraid to squeeze yourself dry.

Such a response can be said to be very heartwarming. Those players who are not participating in the draft for the first time should gain a lot of strength from this.

I have to say that Sister Jing’s three views are indeed very positive, and the output is also positive energy. Presumably with such a mentor, the players will be able to feel full of love and warmth.

Are you looking forward to “Creation Camp 2021”?



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