TRAI notifies telecom operators to provide 30 seconds of ringing time

TRAI forces the telecommunications provider to make the phone ring for 30 seconds on the phone if the user does not answer or reject the call. TRAI states that landline calls require 60 seconds of ring time.

TRAI set ring time

TRAI sets new rules for phone ring time. Until now, there has been no such restriction on Indian calls. The Indian Telecommunications Regulatory Authority said: “For cellular mobile phone services, the duration of the incoming voice alert (callee neither answered nor rejected) should be thirty seconds.

The new regulation raises the question as to why a time limit is required for the telephone to ring. It started when Reliance Jio accused other telecommunications operators such as Vodafone Idea, Bharati Airtel and others of “illegal” hiding cable numbers as mobile numbers.

However, Airtel believes that Reliance Jio deviated and misled TRAI before negotiating a call connection fee or interconnection usage fee. It is believed that telecom operators are reducing the ringing time for incoming calls to get callbacks from subscribers of other network providers.

TRAI’s new regulations are centered on interconnected royalties (IUC). Airtel claims that Jio has shortened the call ringing time to manipulate its IUC, and Airtel said that shorter ringing time means more missed calls and more Reliance Jio network callbacks.

In his defense, Jio said that 15-20 seconds of call ring time is commonly used. When Jio said that other operators manipulated the IUC system by charging higher fees to 2G / 3G users, the cyber war escalated further, in which case users would not be able to use 4G without compatible equipment.

Now, TRAI shelves all the arguments by introducing a ring time frame for each call. TRANS states that the new rules will take effect “after 15 days from the date of publication in the Official Gazette.”

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