Since its launch, the TOYOTA LAND CRUISER PRADO has been loved by many families with camping needs with its powerful off-road performance, comfortable and stable SUV style, but the high taxes and fuel consumption of the 4.0-liter gasoline engine have also made many prospective car owners. We have regressed, but this problem disappeared in the New Year’s PRADO. Hetai cancelled the previous 4.0-liter gasoline engine configuration and switched to a 2.8-liter diesel turbo engine, which not only saves fuel and taxes, but also has amazing torque!


The 2021-style LAND CRUISER PRADO has not changed much in appearance. It is still the appearance of the 2017 minor facelift. Even with powerful off-road functions, it still has a luxurious atmosphere from a distance.

The 18-inch aluminum ring with 265/60 tires makes PRADO’s car side look rather domineering.

The rear part of the car has a little ingenuity. First of all, the upper glass can be opened independently, so that the owner does not need to open the tail door when taking the supplies, which is quite convenient.

The flip-up rear glass opening is relatively rare among its class.

The rear side of the car uses a side-opening tailgate. Although the opening direction to the left is slightly inconvenient for the left-hand drive environment, if the large body is changed to a lift-up tailgate, it will also cause some car owners to open and Close the suitcase.

After the third row of seats are down, the space in the rear compartment is quite large.


The overall interior is the same as in the past, but in the New Year’s Day, the 8-inch screen used in the central control was changed to 9-inch, and Apple Carplay and Android Auto were added, allowing you to keep up with the times just by using your mobile phone. .

Although the screen size is a bit larger, the picture quality of the reverse display is slightly lower.

PRADO uses a four-spoke steering wheel, the grip is not bad, and the texture of the wood part is also good.

The seats are quite comfortable. The most important thing is that the front two seats have heating and ventilation functions. The two left and right seats in the second row also have heated seats, which can be said to be quite intimate.

For most of the hot weather in Taiwan, ventilated seats are really useful.

A refrigerated room is provided under the central armrest, so you can drink cold drinks even when you go camping.

Rear seating space

As far as the second row is concerned, the seats are quite spacious, the seat cushions are comfortable to ride, and the air-conditioning temperature is adjusted in the second row.

The third-row seats are a little bit stiffer. If you say that children should be able to take a short distance, the adults will be a little bit crowded when they sit in the third row of the back seat.

Riding in the third row of seats at the height of a normal adult, the overall situation will be squatting.

Driving experience

This time, PRADO introduced a 2.8-liter diesel turbo engine with the same power as Hilux, with a six-speed manual automatic, with a maximum horsepower of 204 horsepower and a maximum torque of 51 kgm. When driving in the city, the noise from the engine room is slightly more pronounced. It is clear that you are driving a diesel car. However, even if the PRADO weighs 2.4 tons and is equipped with a torque of 51 kgm, it is in the city. It’s easy to drive.

The 2.8-liter diesel turbo engine, with a six-speed manual automatic, has a maximum horsepower of 204 horsepower and a maximum torque of 51 kgm.

The off-road flagship version of this test drive uses the AVS variable damping suspension system. In terms of road feel, it is still more comfortable. It is more comfortable when driving in the city, and the road feel is relatively fuzzy. Although the Off-Road test was not conducted this time due to time constraints, as far as On-Road is concerned, I believe that this set of shock absorbers can easily cope with more than 90% of road driving in Taiwan.

Even on a pavement with a little moss, PARDO can pass easily.

In terms of the driving experience in the second row, it can be said to be quite good. Originally, I felt the most direct feedback on the road feeling in the driver’s seat. When you sit in the back row, you will have a smooth and comfortable feeling. On non-paved roads, the children in the back row should still be able to sleep peacefully.

in conclusion

Although today, due to time constraints, he did not drive PRADO to his best Off-Road situation, but for the general owner of a SUV, the feeling of On-Road should be the most important. After all, most car owners are It is unlikely to be camping every day, but it is very likely to drive PRADO to and from get off work every day. For daily use, although PRADO’s body size is not really large, but the higher sitting posture and car width, you really need to get used to it. Fortunately, it has a panoramic view and can be used, allowing you to walk in the alleys of Taipei City. Don’t worry too much.

The New Year’s PRADO also has an ACC active car following system. Although it has not yet reached Level 2, it is considered sufficient.

The author thinks that PRADO is quite suitable for families who like to look for secrets on holidays. If three generations are needed in the same house occasionally, the third row of seats can be used. When not in use, the third row of seats can also be used. The larger luggage compartment space and the new-year-style engine can save you more than 8,000 yuan in taxes each year. It is also the most powerful off-road vehicle at the same price.

Driving PRADO will make you unconsciously want to explore every unknown road.

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