Toyota Land Cruiser 2022 officially launched, V6 engine with 10-speed automatic transmission adapts to the terrain

The L-shaped daytime running lights are now a very bold LED strip, large enough to highlight the modernity of the set.

Despite being updated with many new technologies, creating new and modern details, the Land Cruiser still maintains its DNA as a large, muscular, square and dignified car. The dimensions of the Length x Width x Height of this generation are respectively; 4,985 x 1,980 x 1,945 mm, wheelbase 2,850mm. The total dimensions have changed slightly compared to the predecessor generation, but the length of the crankshaft remains unchanged, it is similar to the previous generation Land Cruiser or similar to the Lexus LX 570.


Looking from the back, it will be possible to see somewhat more clearly the traditional rounded design features of the Land Cruiser, which is of course a mixture of many design lines. It is commendable that it is a combination of modernity and tradition in this rear area.



Entering a completely new generation, the interior of the Land Cruiser has also been updated with a new, more modern and accessible design language, at least than its predecessor.


The air conditioning control system has now been reduced to a button and arranged in the uppermost area compared to other rows of buttons. Air conditioning information will be displayed on the central entertainment screen, which has partly saved the space for the layout of the button system. The entertainment system control buttons are located next to the bottom, very basic and only the most basic buttons remain.

The control button system related to operation is also placed in an easier to reach position instead of in the central control area as before. Basically, this is a very neat layout, which will conclude the convenience when having the opportunity to experience it.

Active safety


Land Cruiser’s active safety system has also been updated with the latest generation of 2.5 & 2.5+ Toyota Safety Sense, the forward collision mitigation system can now recognize oncoming vehicles and distance calculation – travel speed to judge the possibility of a collision when changing direction (turning or turning/turning).

The Milliwave Radar system, combined with cameras and other sensors, will ensure accurate pedestrian and cyclist recognition or the ability to accurately measure distance and speed, both during the day and at night. . From this hardware platform, most active safety features can be integrated or equipped.


Toyota Land Cruiser is favored to launch and sell first in the Middle East market with 3 versions, including 1 sports version. The naturally aspirated V6 engine version with a 6-speed gearbox has not been disclosed at the time or the specific distribution market. It is expected that the all-new generation Land Cruiser (LC300) will also quickly be widely distributed in the Southeast Asian market this year.

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