Even though the size of the hatchback car makes people unable to boil up, in addition to the turbo engine and the four-wheel drive chassis, the transmission system also uses the 6MT traditional manual transmission with high performance and deep driving pleasure. This also makes GR Yaris a recent global fan. The most looking forward to start! As TOYOTA’s “Queen Change”, TOM’S will naturally not be misplaced. A special aerodynamic kit has also been launched recently, giving it a strong performance capability and adding a high-quality fashion taste…

Reprinted from: CARLINK chain car network
Original: “Fashion Taste” even more! Toyota GR Yaris “Queen Change” TOM’S aerodynamic kit released
Written by: Yu Zongda Daco

They also wear the GR title of Toyota’s performance sub-brand. Compared with the “Bull Demon” GR Supra, even if the vehicle positioning and power output of the GR Yaris are significantly lower, even the turbo engine and the four-wheel drive chassis are nothing to talk about, but The gearbox adopts the H-type traditional manual transmission that can be said to be a “rare animal” and is still 6MT six-speed. It is undoubtedly a big shock to the fans who are currently indulging in the view of “DCT self-powered transmission = high-performance car”. Demonstrating people-oriented and setting off the master of driving, it has naturally become the most anticipated car model in the near future. From Asia to Europe, it has naturally become the next “modified cash cow”! Relying on the courtesy of TOYOTA’s mother factory, Japanese refitting factories can take the lead in developing cars. Almost every Dongying kit manufacturer has announced that special enhanced parts will come out soon. In the field of appearance upgrades, Rocket Bunny/Pandem, which specializes in “violent tortoise reform” techniques, is the first to introduce the ultra-wide body style of violent aesthetics. It seems to be the first to seize business opportunities, but the outline is too exaggerated. The car field is not suitable at all, unless the super-blooded car owner group, TOM’S, which has the original TOYOTA original queen, has recently launched this Bolting On retrofit small-pack aerodynamic kit, which naturally increases the temptation of all prospective car owners. !

Compared with the standard version of Yaris, the original GR Yaris car body has a considerable concentration of performance due to the addition of large air dams, external expansion of wheel arcs, rear wing and dual exhaust tailpipes, but TOM’S is based on the field of street car modification To further enhance the visual sharpness and aggressiveness, the front bumper itself has a general shape inherited from the original design, but a fixed wind wing design is added to the center of both ends, and the front chin with a multi-layer structure also has a fixed wind wing shape. Coupled with the upright wing design on both sides of the chin, in addition to the high-speed dynamic stability of the large capital, the performance and fashion taste of the car head are also straight up! Although there is only a single decoration of the side skirts on the side of the car, the rear end adopts the same wing-finishing method as the front chin, and the running style is also permeated on the side of the car. As for the rear of the car, it can be said to be the essence of the whole design. In addition to the design of heat dissipation holes symbolizing high-performance sports cars at both ends of the rear bumper, the vertical spoiler fins of the rear lower spoiler are also more prominent and three-dimensional, with a center-mounted one. The exhaust tail outlet design and the double-layered towering rear upper wing also create a murderous performance that people can’t ignore. Together with the fine and high assembly quality, it also shows the excellent quality of this “Queen Change” kit. It is bound to make the prospective GR Yaris owner ready to move…