Toyota car maintenance items when running 40,000km

Toyota car maintenance items when running 40,000km

Any car needs maintenance after it has moved 40,000km. This is the 2nd level of maintenance so it is very important for the vehicle.

Toyota car maintenance items after 40,000km

The maintenance content of this level includes important items such as:

  • Check and replace machine oil.
  • Replace the oil filter.
  • Check and clean car engine air filter.
  • Check the bottom of the car and tighten the chassis.
  • Check for important types of liquid in the car such as glass cleaner, brake fluid, power oil, coolant, etc.
  • Check and maintain the brakes.
  • Tire maintenance.
  • Clean the engine compartment.
  • Use specialized solutions to clean the air-conditioning system.

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Maintenance of brakes

Maintenance of 40,000km requires car owners to pay attention to the brakes. To check the braking system after 40,000 km, the owner needs to check the rotor (also known as the brake disc) on the front two wheels. The inspection can be done with the naked eye, the car owner should observe to see if the brake disc has worn to any degree, appears scratched or not. A scratch on the surface of the disc is a sign of a large amount of dirt that is trapped between the father and the disc surface.

So if this situation is detected, take the car to a Toyota car service center for a closer inspection. In severe cases, it is necessary to rinse the brake disc surface or replace it with a new one. If the surface of the brake disc shows signs of serious scratching, it is advisable to take the vehicle to a center for professional technician to review. They can be fixed by covering their faces or replacing new discs.

The brakes should be carefully inspectedThe brakes should be carefully inspected

Car owners also need to check the brakes on the rear wheels. Note when checking the need to wear a mask because the dirt on the brakes can affect the health of the vehicle owner. Besides, the car owner should pay attention to whether the drum drum or the disc surface has a warping condition or not, whether the oil pig has any problems or not …

After completing the inspection and replacement of the damaged parts, the owner needs to perform “exhaust” for the brakes. Brake fluid and brake fluid pipes are often confused when the brakes are worn, so the brakes are inefficient. “Exhaust wind” is the operation to help the air escape, not mixed with the brake fluid.

In addition, the owner also needs to open the capo to check the amount of brake fluid remaining in the box. This test may also be carried out with the naked eye as the brake fluid is translucent. Note, check brake fluid should take place once a month, not necessarily waiting for the maintenance schedule of Toyota cars. If the oil level is too low, apply the brake fluid immediately. In addition, it should be noted that if the brake fluid drops too often, the system may have leaked, so check the brake fluid pipelines.

Cleaning the engine air filter

Engine air filter element is extremely important for the regular operation of the car engine. Therefore Toyota maintenance process requires owners to clean this part. Motor air filters often have soot soot emitted from the combustion chamber. If the carbon black is stuck too long and too long, the engine will probably burn. Besides, the periodic cleaning will help the engine consume less fuel.

Cleaning the air filter is an action to doCleaning the air filter is an action to do

Cleaning the engine air filter is not too complicated. After removing the air filter, use the air hose to spray the filters so that the dirt is gone. Never wash the filters with soap and water and do not put grease or oil on these filters. Another important note is that do not use sharp objects to depend on or clean the dirt adhering to the filters. They will be very easy to puncture and affect the efficiency later.


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  • Leather-wrapped cars
  • Covering under the car

Check the tire

Tires directly affect the safety of the occupants. Besides, tires also help car owners save fuel if they know how to care for tires properly. Therefore maintenance of Toyota 40,000km indispensable for this stage. The owners need to do is check the wear, tension, pressure and tire spikes. If any problems are detected, it is necessary to repair or replace new tires immediately. In addition, the car owner needs to pump enough tire pressure, should not pump excess or lack of pressure.

Tire testing is essentialTire testing is essential

Check for and add important fluids

The most important fluids for motor vehicles are: power steering oil, coolant, glass washer, engine oil … These fluids are responsible for ensuring the smooth operation of the engine. and increased machine life. After 40,000 km, vehicle owners need to check these fluids, if the liquid level is too low, they need to add or replace.

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