Toyota Avanza review: Does the price from only 500 million make a deal?

Toyota Avanza review: Does the price from only 500 million make a deal?

The price of Toyota Avanza is only from 544 million, which brings a lot of excitement but also many doubts. At such a price, will Avanza “make a deal”?

Introduction of Toyota Avanza

Toyota Avanza is a 7-seat MPV model of the leading Japanese automaker, ranked under “elder” Toyota Innova. This small MPV model is in the 2nd generation with many significant upgrades to bring a fresh style than the older generation. Regarding rivals in the same segment, Toyota Avanza is currently competing with Kia Rondo, Suzuki Ertiga … and especially Mitsubishi Xpander – the car that defeated the “king” Toyota Vios to lead the top 10 best-selling cars today. .

Toyota Avanza 2018Toyota Avanza is quite silent compared to the success of Mitsubishi Xpander

According to Toyota Avanza evaluation from many experts, Avanza has the advantage of cheap Japanese 7-seat car. Avanza back to Vietnam has provided Vietnamese users an additional reliable option when they need to buy a 7-seater 7-seater car for VND 500 million. However, those who know a little about the Vietnamese car market are probably familiar with Toyota’s advantages and disadvantages. The price is too attractive, many people worry that the equipment will be cut mercilessly. So how true?

Review Toyota Avanza on the exterior

In terms of exterior equipment, Toyota Avanza generally has a fairly simple exterior design and does not carry too many sophisticated features. The car has many appearance of elder Toyota Innova but many people do not rate Avanza as high as Innova. If compared to Mitsubishi Xpander, Toyota Avanza is probably quite inferior in terms of exterior design.

Toyota Avanza 2018 has a fairly simple exterior designToyota Avanza 2018 has a fairly simple exterior design

The Toyota Avanza specifications published by the manufacturer show that this MPV model is not inferior to the elder Innova. Specifically, the car possesses a length x width x height of 4,990 x 1,660 x 1,695 mm, with a wheelbase of 2,655 mm. With this size, Toyota Avanza owns a spacious cabin not inferior to that of Innova. Toyota Avanza is offered by Toyota with a variety of exterior colors including 6 colors: light yellow, black, gray, blue, silver and white.

Top car

Reviewing the Toyota Avanza on the front of the car, the MPV has a hexagonal grille. On the top is a large chrome bar stretching the calendar with 2 car lights on both sides. Inside the grille are horizontal slats that run quite similar to Toyota Innova.

The first part of Toyota Avanza 2018The first part of Toyota Avanza

Underneath, the Toyota Avanza has an extended front grille that wraps up all the fog lamps, giving the vehicle a more front-end feel. This point shows that Toyota is really trying to make this model beach so beautiful and impressive.

Toyota Avanza MT headlights use Halogen lamps, while the AT version is equipped with modern LED lights. Both versions have circular fog lights.

Vehicle body

In terms of body design, the small-sized MPV 7-seat Toyota Avanza is quite simple and unimpressive. On Avanza’s body, Toyota uses only a few slight embossed veins to make the overall model not too “weak”. Comes with 14-spoke 4-spoke wheels with Avanza 1.5MT and 15 inches with 1.5an Avanza. Overall, Avanza also encountered problems such as Toyota Innova disadvantages, small lazang compared to the large body size, which caused the loss of proportion and harmony.

This MPV model is equipped with 15-inch wheelsThe body of Toyota Avanza is quite simple and unimpressive

Toyota Avanza is equipped with a rearview mirror with an electric adjustment function, but does not include a turn signal. This is also a drawback Toyota Avanza is quite unfortunate if it compares this model to competitors in the same segment. The automatic version of the Avanza has an electric folding feature.


Toyota Avanza has a fairly square tail characteristic of the MPV line. Many people consider the Toyota Avanza to have a monotonous and bland look like the body of the car. Tail lights look quite outdated. Both the manual and automatic versions of the Avanza feature traditional Halogen bulb taillights. In the automatic version, the car is equipped with LED brake lights.

Rear lights use Halogen bulbs on the Toyota Avanza 2018Taillight clusters on the Toyota Avanza are quite outdated

Review Toyota Avanza on the interior

Interior space

Toyota Avanza offers a fairly spacious interior space when compared to Suzuki Ertiga or Kia Rondo. Although not compared to Innova, but with 7-8 people traveling on short or long journeys will feel too cramped and uncomfortable. The wheelbase length is up to 2,655 mm and the 7-seater design is different from the 5 + 2 orientation like many other cars in the segment, so that the distance between the rows of seats on the Toyota Avanza is kept quite comfortable. . The car also has quite a ceiling space, suitable for passengers with a height of 1m75.

Interior space on the Toyota Avanza 2018Interior space on the Toyota Avanza is quite spacious

Despite widespread advantages, but not unexpected, the equipment on the Toyota Avanza is quite “poor”. Toyota Avanza interior does not bring any sense of luxury because the car uses all hard plastic material. On both versions of Avanza, the seats are covered with felt seats. The front row of the car is 4-way adjustable. The second row of the car can fold 60:40 and the third row folds 50:50.

About the steering wheel, the Avanza steering wheel is nothing special. Even many customers bluntly decry the old design on this model. Both versions are not covered with leather. While the Avanza AT is fitted with additional audio controls, the Avanza MT version does not.

The steering wheel of the car has a rather monotonous designThe steering wheel of the car has a rather monotonous design

Equipped with amenities

As a popular model, it is easy to understand when Toyota Avanza is only equipped with manual control. However, this equipment does not affect the cooling quality of the car, it is also equipped with air-conditioning vents for the rear seats to help circulate air quickly and bring comfort to passengers. .

In terms of infotainment system, the Avanza AT version is equipped with a 7-inch touch screen while the Avanza MT floor plate has only a CD player. Comes with these 2 systems are 4-speaker sound system with common connections such as USB, AUX, Bluetooth …

Entertainment system of Toyota Avanza 2018Entertainment system of Toyota Avanza

Review Toyota Avanza in terms of engine / performance


Under the cap of the Toyota Avanza is a 4-cylinder engine block aligned with VTT-i dual technology. The model provides users with 2 engine options including:

Toyota Avanza Max capacity Torque (Nm) Gear
1.5L engine 102 horsepower 136 Nm 4-speed automatic
1.3L engine 95 horsepower 121 Nm Number of floors 5 levels


If many people consider Toyota Innova quite weak, perhaps it will be even more disappointing with Toyota Avanza. Obviously, at the price range of 500 – 600 million, it is difficult to require a powerful engine block. However, the manual version only equipped with 1.3L engine to carry the mass of 7-seat bulky car is really a bit weak. This is a point that many people consider whether to buy Toyota Avanza or not.

In return, Toyota Avanza alsoco1 some advantages. It is equipped with an electric power steering system for the steering wheel to provide a gentle steering feel, along with a turning radius of only 4.7 m, which helps this MPV model to move flexibly in crowded areas. This model also owns a ground clearance of up to 200 mm for the ability to move more conveniently on a variety of terrain conditions, especially climbing sidewalks, taking flooded roads …

This MPV model has the ability to move flexibly on many terrain conditionsThis MPV model has the ability to move flexibly on many terrain conditions

The Toyota Avanza is equipped with MacPherson front suspension and multi-link rear suspension for greater stability when traveling on rough roads. Avanza’s soundproofing is not too good.

This MPV model has a relatively low fuel consumption. Compared to competitors in the same segment, Toyota Avanza proved completely superior thanks to quite low consumption parameters. Specifically:

Fuel consumption (liter / 100km) Freeway Mixed sugar City road
Avanza 1.5AT 5.44 6.12 7.24
Avanza 1.3MT 5.7 6.5 7.9

Review Toyota Avanza on safety equipment

In terms of safety equipment, this low-cost model is only equipped with basic safety functions. Some of the equipment used by Toyota on Avanza include:

  • Anti-lock braking system
  • Electronic brake system EDB
  • GOA load-bearing chassis with 3-point seat belts
  • 2 airbags for the front seats
  • Anti-theft feature

Vehicles equipped with safety functions at a basic levelVehicles equipped with safety functions at a basic level

Should you buy Toyota Avanza?

The price of Toyota Avanza is quite attractive in the 7-seat car segment.

Price of Toyota Avanza 1.5MT is only 544 million dong. Price of Toyota Avanza 1.5AT is 612 million dong.

In terms of brand position and price Toyota Avanza is quite attractive. However, the current market is very different from the old one. Users are getting more and more options. Obviously, Toyota must no longer retain its “unique position” as before. Before an excellent Mitsubishi Xpander, Toyota Avanza became “overshadowed” completely.

Obviously if you are a fan of the Toyota family, want sustainable values ​​such as durable machine, fuel economy, keep price … then Avanza is a good choice to consider. But if comparing between competitors in the same segment, Toyota Avanza is quite “weak”.

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