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Toyota announced its plan to create an all-new compact SUV

Toyota has just announced plans to create an all-new small SUV based on the fourth-generation B-class Yback hatchback. This announcement was made at an event in Amsterdam, accompanied by The first sketch of this mysterious car. From the image published by Toyota, it can be seen that the new mini SUV will have an angular, muscular design and unlike any other small car on the market.

Toyota announced its plan to create an all-new compact SUV
Sketch image of new class B SUV

In fact, bold design is exactly what Toyota wants to achieve. According to Mr. Matthew Harrison – Vice President of Toyota Europe, surely it is not just a Yaris with bodywork and advanced suspension system, but it will be a completely new and special B-SUV model with a design. Compact, dynamic and personality of their own.

Chassis TNGA-B Mr. Harrison added: ‘you will not have to wait long to see the final design’ of the car, and ‘it will continue to successfully launch the Yaris in Europe’, where ‘these This vehicle will account for about 30% of Toyota’s regional sales by 2025. ‘ As mentioned above, the currently unnamed SUV will be based on Toyota’s new global chassis platform for the small car TNGA-B of Yaris, instead of TNGA-C as the C-HR is also in the B segment. -SUV.

4th generation Toyota Yaris

Therefore, it will be positioned lower than C-HR in terms of price and size. As expected, this B-SUV will be launched by Toyota in the second half of 2020. Its rivals will be Renault Captur, Peugeot 2008 or Ford EcoSport.


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