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Total War: Three Kingdoms – Review Game

Total War: Three Kingdoms – Game Review

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Total War: Three Kingdoms – The theme "Three Kingdoms" has always been an obsession with the "gods" of the series Total War.

So right from the version Rome: Total War Launched in 2004 with powerful mod tools, many modders have spent thousands of hours building the world of the Three Kingdoms for … addicted.

Even with versions Total War later, there was always a large modder community who devoted their energy to creating a detailed "Three Kingdoms" with detailed maps, characters and military units like a developed game. carefully.

Not only that, there were tens of thousands of letters requested to be sent to Creative Assembly, the "mother" studio of the series Total War Ask the company to officially make the game in this fascinating setting.

But the company is constantly … ignored when focusing on the context has experienced to form these Total War: Shogun 2 good Total War: Rome 2 To save time on research and development, devote more energy to the world of Total War: Warhammer with many serial versions, intertwined to satisfy the "craving" of another crowded gamer community from the West.

Not until 2018 when the company "revealed" the project Total War: Three Kingdoms, the desire of fans to be answered. Many gamers follow every development of the game, according to each trailer, each screen play, each battle on the beta is still full of errors … then all broke down when the game launched last week.

The storm has a name Total War: Three Kingdoms swept through the game village and formed the most dizzying record in the history of the brand Total War with over a million copies sold out in the first week of release.

After a lot of waiting as well as a good start, is the game worth the wait of the fans' weariness? Please follow review your review!


With a long way to 20 years, the game series Total War There have been advances with almost every year of improvements in both screen play, graphics engine and additional elements to create games that keep "fire" in the hearts of fans. Strategy game genre.

Therefore, it can be said Total War: Three Kingdoms converged all the essence of the studio over the past time with countless familiar and fitting elements such as "measuring shoes" for this kind of 4X game mix and Squad Based Tactic .

That means you still "take" the game the old way, build and balance the socio-economic components, research technology, build troops, then bring your giant forces "bem "Everywhere to expand our territory to more fortresses, build relationships with this faction, defeat other factions and then gradually bring the vast war machine to win the final victory. .

Simply put, so the fans of the "game" of the game only takes about 10 minutes to get acquainted with the modified interface of the game line to suit the game context.

But as you go deeper into the "battle", you will easily discover no small difference Total War: Three Kingdoms Compared to previous versions, even so much that previous formulas for your success must be reconsidered.

Total War: Three Kingdoms - Game Review

The first obvious difference is in that Total War: Three Kingdoms has separated production facilities such as farms, mining mines, trade points … from cities, towns and residential areas, creating a dense whole that needs to be controlled by players on the map. to create an economic and political base for a land.

These strongholds are all owned by people, which means you can still grave soldiers in this place, keep and maintain order and security, and appoint supervisors to collect taxes … which makes it possible to administer one The small land has also become much more numerous than previous versions.

Imagine that, with a district of "tiny xiu xiu", there are also two "eat by" works, only a map that is not large, including a province that includes several citadels, is enough to make you "labor of suffering." ", just like managing a medium-sized empire in version Total War: Rome 2 before.

The first obvious difference is that Total War: Three Kingdoms has separated production facilities such as farms, mining mines, trade points … from cities, towns and residential areas.

Total War: Three Kingdoms - Game Review

If you keep leaving these points and are captured by the enemy, you will encounter big problems due to the crippled economy, when only owning people without other production facilities will seriously threaten to food reserves, resource production, recruiting units that need special resources or, more simply, people will be less happy when they are cut down on food rations, hunger, natural disasters and … the enemy The yellow scarf again had the muscle to rise.

This leads to another implication in Total War: Three KingdomsIt is military units that must "move" reasonably to ensure defense and security for the land but do not spend too much to maintain "military pay" for this army.

Total War: Three Kingdoms - Game Review

In addition, it is a game based on the plot of two historical series and the famous novel "The Three Kingdoms of the Three Kingdoms" (Records of the Three Kingdoms – referred to as Records) and "The Three Kingdoms Meaning "of La Quan Trung (Romance of the Three Kingdoms – Romance for short) which profoundly depicts historical characters, so the" character "feature (Characters) has been deeply developed with many personal elements are "added" into, highlighting the characteristics of the characters next to the "battle hero" system that is quite complete on the game series. Total War: Warhammer before.

The characters all have political tendencies, personal relationships with other characters (and also with other feudal lords) with a full range of individual skill tables, weapons and accessories and depending Different parts, enough to influence these characters in the game screen, are much more complicated than character systems that are only … available on the version of the game series. Total War before.

The extra elements were so bold, with the Dragon Tree of the Dragon and the Red Horse, even in the usual Records regime, Guan Yu alone was able to "weigh" both the heavy armed cavalry group. , while Zhang Fei rode "grass horses" and held the iron spears normally easily skewered in the first round of assaults.

The role of the characters in Total War: Three Kingdoms also highlighted many times through Romance mode.

In this mode, the "heroes" are not merely a slightly stronger unit and have specific skills. Selecting the characters, the fighting power of the heroes is strengthened, even enough to change the face of the whole game like Trieu Van toxic to Truong Truong "as a god" among the ten thousand characters , or Truong Phi Mot roared a panic of hundreds of thousands of troops Cao …

It is not exaggerating to say that Romance mode has doubled the replay value of a game that has spent a lot of time on gamers like Total War: Three Kingdoms.

Total War: Three Kingdoms - Game Review


As usual of the game series Total War Over the years, Creative Assembly has upgraded its graphics engine to a new level with more powerful, more beautiful and also more heavy effects.

The most obvious is that most models from characters, buildings, even terrain of hundreds of different battle maps in Total War: Three Kingdoms They are extremely meticulously built, close to historical documents both in terms of surface resolution and small details in costumes, weapons and war horses in each of the smallest characters.

Since version Total War: Shogun 2, the game team of the company has used the Motion Capture motion technology to bring smooth movements of the character now, with Total War: Three Kingdoms, all of these factors have been strengthened, and expanded to new heights

It must be said that the "martial arts directive" team of the company had to work hard to save thousands of different martial arts, with hundreds of weapons when fighting on horses and battle sets to create battle scenes. Beautiful hands.

If you look closely, you can easily catch a powerful and powerful force of Quan Vu, a powerful and powerful force, enough to knock out a group of soldiers from all sides, striking the "WWE-heavy" art of Zhang Fei when the warfare caused the generals of the enemy to measure the floor, or the skillful phases of Liu Bei when fighting the two-handed sword.

The most obvious is that most models from characters, buildings, to the terrain of hundreds of different battle maps in Total War: Three Kingdoms are extremely elaborate and close to the material in history

Dark tones of visual Records mode
Bright tones of Romance image mode

Light effects, explosions and physical effects were also applied and expressed in depth, in harmony with the two tones of "Records" and "Romance" effects with two different expressions.

Total War: Three Kingdoms - Game Review

If the "Records" color is more of a realistic description with a gray frame, even the dirty part of the battlefield sand, the "Romance" tone is much brighter, cleaner and purer. . It is simply an effect, but it is also easy to satisfy every player, expressing the spirit of the world in the game.

In addition, cut-scenes, scenes in the game are all set up with three different tactics.

It is the scenes that are depicted by the Chinese-style water-color pen, pre-rendered videos and cut-scenes that are cleverly used in the right place. Total War: Three Kingdoms into a work of art full of Chinese colors, bringing a strong and deep impression to any gamer who comes to the game.

The unique look is that, the audio part is no less competitive when the game development team has created a huge collection of high-resolution sounds with an extremely powerful voice team , blowing souls into every corner of the game, from the impact effects of weapons, horses to the fierce screams of killing on the battlefield.

The soundtrack system is composed by the composer with a lot of games Total War It is Armin Haas who performs with a very difficult request from director Janos Gaspar that must show the "Three Kingdoms soul" for each theme song.

This is a real challenge, especially for foreign musicians "imbued" with the influence of Western music. As a result, Armin Haas used a very ingenious method to accomplish this difficult task, which is the spectrum of background music for ancient Chinese poems to keep the Three Kingdoms soul alive throughout the game.

Total War: Three Kingdoms - Game Review

The observant can catch the post Han Li HanCao Cao's song appears as the theme song of this faction, or song Lam Giang Tien (once popularized as the soundtrack for the TV version of the Three Kingdoms Expression in 1996) is gently incorporated into the soundtrack of Ton Kien.

Although there is still a bit of a bit of Westernism, it must be said that the background music has excelled during the very long playing time of the campaign. Total War: Three Kingdoms.

Total War: Three Kingdoms - Game Review


A tight play, a voyeuristic graphic mechanism, a massive sound system and real-eared soundtracks made most of the success for Total War: Three Kingdoms.

But if it is the "hardcore people" of the game series on the Three Kingdoms theme, you will definitely feel a little bit yet … craving!

Most of the events in the main section focused on the happenings in a very short period, only from 190 AD when Dong Trac burned Lac Duong, moved the capital to Truong An until the battle of Xich Bich year 208 divided three people.

The previous factors such as the rebellion of the Yellow Scarf from 184 have not been clarified, even though the Gold Scarf faction is favored to be included in a free DLC for the game presenter.

Total War: Three Kingdoms - Game Review

The events after the Battle of Red Cliff were not well described, most were led by the players and completed their own stories.

Not to mention the outstanding historical battles also only "lagged" a few battles with famous names such as Truong Ban Bridge Bridge, Xich Bich Battle … but lacked a lot of other attractive matches as battle. translating Tiger Lao Quan between the Alliance and Dong Zhuo, the Battle of Guan between Cao Cao and Yuan Shao, or later the Hao Dinh battle between the Shu and the Wu …

Total War: Three Kingdoms - Game Review

Perhaps all of these factors will gradually be added later through later DLC versions, especially when the market is extremely "making it" in recent years and other games in the line. The game also performs very well this strategy.

The outstanding historical battles also only "lagged" a few battles with famous names such as Truong Ban bridge, Xich Bich battle … but lacked a lot of other attractive battles.

Another problem that the players themselves find part of the "lack of" is the expected "successive worm" system for games about the Three Kingdoms theme.

Nearly all of the game's time, all of the intrigue problems are solved through several events, which the player must achieve the necessary conditions to "call" out of the script.

The only thing the player can do is to use guest theory to travel to the generals and important characters, taking advantage of some of the contradictions available to create unexpected "spears".

Total War: Three Kingdoms - Game Review

In this regard, there is another game related to the theme of the Three Kingdoms which is the game series Romance of the Three Kingdoms Koei Tecmo game company from Japan. This game though is not as strong in terms of tactics and battle as Total War: Three KingdomsHowever, the player will be more free when it is easy to use many tactics both politically and strategically to gain great advantages, taking less wins in a thrilling and dramatic way, just like tissue described in the story.

Though, Total War: Three Kingdoms is still a great game for fans about the Three Kingdoms theme when bringing a true world both in picture – sound and a play mechanism that is distilled over a long period of development, drawing results more than 20 Creative Assembly year with the game series Total War.


  • Manufacturing: Creative Assembly
  • Release: SEGA
  • Kind: Act
  • Meeting day: May 23, 2019
  • Machine system: PC


  • OS: Windows 7 64 Bit
  • CPU: Intel Core 2 Duo 3.00Ghz
  • RAM: 4GB
  • VGA: GTX 650 Ti | HD 7850 1GB VRAM
  • HDD: 30GB


  • OS: Windows 10 Pro 64-bit
  • CPU: Intel i7 8700
  • RAM: 8 GB
  • VGA: MSI Armor RX 480 4GB
  • HDD: 2TB



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