Total Video Converter - Convert, convert Audio to FLAC

Total Video Converter – Convert, convert Audio to FLAC

Convert Audio to above FLAC format Total Video Converter help you to easily get different Audio formats for your different needs. Through this article you will know how to convert Audio to FLAC with Total Video Converter.

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Total Video Converter provides you the ability to convert Videos, convert Audio and multimedia files to different formats with extremely strong speed and are used by many users alongside other software such as: Format Factory, Free CUDA Video Converter, …

Instructions to convert Audio to FLAC by Total Video Converter

Step 1: Download the latest version of the software: Download Total Video Converter

Step 2: Start the software up. Click New Task on the interface to start converting Audio to FLAC

convert audio

Step 3: In the dialog box that appears, navigate to the folder containing the Audio files to convert, select the Audio file and click Open

Step 4: Select Tab Audio File and choose the format to convert to FLAC

Step 5: Choose Browse … to choose where to save the file after converting.

– Select a folder containing Audio after converting and press OK

Step 6: Choose Convert Now to start the Audio to FLAC conversion process

And you can now enjoy the audio after converting
Convert Audio to FLAC on Total Video Converter is simple and fast, you can immediately have Audio files with different formats to serve the job or simply enjoy it on music devices, portable support.


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