How to deal with air conditioning but not cold

Toshiba air conditioning is not cold: Causes and ways to overcome them effectively

In the summer, Toshiba's cold air conditioning is a phenomenon that many users encounter. So this phenomenon is caused by what causes and how to fix it, invite you to read and learn through the article below.

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Why is the air conditioner not cold?

The cause of air conditioning is only wind but not cold

Why Toshiba air conditioners are not cold, why deep, cold air conditioning is a frequent concern of customers. The cause of this phenomenon may be due to one of the following causes.

Air conditioning is out of gas

If the air conditioner has just been installed but it is cold, it can be one of three reasons:

  • Air conditioner with gas leak
  • The cooling capacity is not enough compared to the installation area
  • During the installation of welds is not good, after a short time the air conditioner will run out of gas and not be cold anymore.

Dirt sticks to the air conditioner

The initial phenomenon if the machine runs very well but after 3 to 6 months, it is not cold or cold cold. This cause is simply caused by the indoor unit after using dust on the front of the indoor unit. causing the cold air from the indoor unit to not escape to reduce the temperature at the indoor unit. When the temperature at the indoor unit drops below 19 degrees Celsius, the water vapor in the air begins to condense into water and causes a watery phenomenon. Toshiba air conditioner is not cold.

Environmental temperature difference

One reason is quite sensitive that the air conditioner is only windy but not cold, the outside temperature in the hot season is very high. The temperature in the room and outside is only 7-10 degrees Celsius difference. If the outside temperature is 35 degrees Celsius, the air conditioner cannot lower the temperature to 24 degrees Celsius. So if you set the temperature below 24 degrees Celsius in this case it is useless.

Air conditioner is not cold, what should I do?

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How to deal with air conditioning but not cold

When a Toshiba air conditioner is not cold may be due to some minor malfunction, please apply some of the ways we suggest the following before calling for repair.

  • Check whether the power supply is working. If the plug is loose, plug it in again or if the power is out, wait until the power is on and restart the computer.
  • Check if the fuse works well, if the fuse is broken or exploded, quickly turn off the power and replace the fuse and restart the air conditioner.
  • Check if the battery in the control is still in place, replace the new battery and restart the operation of the machine.
  • Check the air conditioner timer, you may have forgotten to turn off or someone is turning on the on / off timer of the air conditioner so the air conditioner will not be cold. If so, turn off the timer or wait until the machine works in the scheduled time frame.
  • Check if the air filter plate is well-ventilated, cleaning the air filter plate will help the air conditioner work better and make it more stable.
  • Check gas pipelines to fix and charge more gas. Without capacity, there is only a way to install more fans to enhance air exchange. So experienced installation technicians will calculate the installation area, insulation, number of heat-generating equipment and people and advise customers before installation.
  • Check if your main door and window or office are open? Cold air will escape or be exposed to hot air outside to affect the cooling capacity of the air conditioner, making air-conditioner to cold.
  • Check and perform the operation of the inlet and outlet air pipes in the indoor and outdoor blocks, then wait for about 3 minutes and restart the air conditioner to stabilize the air circulation and better gas exchange. .
  • Air conditioning may also not cool when performing air compressor protection for 3 minutes, so wait until this mode is complete.
  • Do not forget to find out if the room is using high-temperature items such as an electric stove or a hot tub, the heat generated will also affect the coolness in the room.

Above are the non-cold Toshiba air conditioner causes and solutions. Hope this information is useful to you and wish you the most effective air conditioner.


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