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Torayvino MK204MX water filter on hand: Japanese domestic goods, filter tap water into drinking water


@ cloud5trike
That's what I was going to say.
Everything Japan is finished, when it is sold in Vietnam, it is the country of Vietnam.
That everyone knows, for example, that the live pipe broke the 22nd time, then ngta found it boring to count.

On the other side, the shower is also drinking, every faucet in the toilet can't see the word "drink".

We should not apply a disgusting or jp team on our heads. Not sure if this is better than sp do vn sx (if any).
The filter kk is also the same, 10 years is at JP, 2 years back to Vietnam, then throw cmnr!
Thick 2th has no dust. The guy who works as a car washer is probably never dirty


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