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TOP5 essential fuel tank bags for travel novices!

For the knight, even if it rains, the blood of traveling will not be extinguished, but where should the personal belongings such as mobile phones and wallets be kept? When riding, the rear seat bag is not in sight, and the leggings bag capacity is not enough to store the clothes for the two-day tour… At this time, all you need is a fuel tank bag that can always be placed in the rider’s field of view, and can be easily removed and has enough space. !

However, there are many types of fuel tank bags, with different capacities, designs and additional functions. It may be difficult to decide which one to buy when choosing. Therefore, I have selected 5 fuel tank bags for knights who are struggling with this problem. Purchase reference.

①KOMINE: SA-214 travel fuel tank bag

Komine SA-214 travel fuel tank bag is mainly fixed with magnets, but it can also be connected to any plastic fuel tank through the attached fixing strap.

There is a transparent window on the top of SA-214, where you can store maps or iPads. Some car owners even use iPad Air2 as navigation.

The capacity is 5.2L, which is just suitable for a day trip, but the maximum capacity can also be increased to 7.8L through the expansion mechanism in the middle!

▲Because there is a grid pocket on the front, if you put your money here, you don’t have to dig through the backpack in a hurry.

◆Webike-Motor Department Store:[KOMINE]SA-214 travel fuel tank bag product page

②GIVI: Tanklock fuel tank bag [XS319]

If you are a knight who loves to travel, you must have heard of GIVI. The installation of the GIVI fuel tank bag is very simple, just connect the bracket to the fuel tank cover, and then install the fuel tank bag on it!

After disassembly, it is also equipped with a shoulder strap for easy carrying, even when it reaches the destination, it can be quickly removed and taken with you.

◆Webike-Moto Department Store:[GIVI]Tanklock Fuel Tank Bag Product Page

③TANAX motofizz: Slant fuel tank bag M

This is a fuel tank bag that can use maps and smart phone navigation APP at the same time. Through the small pocket that can store the mobile power supply, you don’t have to worry about the battery power of the phone!

Its minimum capacity is 5.5L and the maximum can be expanded to 11L. It is an economical and efficient fuel tank bag that allows riders with very little luggage to complete 2 days and 1 night travel.

◆Webike-Moto Department Store:[TANAX motofizz]Slant fuel tank bag M product page

④BAGSTER: fuel tank bag

If you want a larger fuel tank bag, I recommend the BAGSTER fuel tank bag with a minimum capacity of 20L and a maximum of 30L. Not only that, he also has a shoulder design that allows the rider to walk on his back, and the capacity of 30L is enough to hold a helmet.

◆Webike-Motor Department Store:[BAGSTER]Fuel tank bag product page

⑤DOPPELGANGER: Knight Fuel Tank Bag Mini 2

The special feature of the Cavalier Fuel Tank Bag Mini 2 is its detachable design. You only need to disassemble the fuel tank bag itself without changing the magnetic base connected to the fuel tank.

▲This design can greatly reduce the scratches caused by magnets when loading and unloading bags.

All kinds of fuel tank bags, there is always one suitable for you!

Have you found a fuel tank bag that suits your style? Whether it is a day trip or a long-distance trip, a fuel tank bag is a very useful item. Of course, in addition to the fuel tank bag introduced this time, Webike also has a variety of fuel tank bags to choose from. Whether it is a day trip or a long-distance trip, you can find the fuel tank bag you need here.

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