Top UI design trends for 2021

Top UI design trends for 2021

UI design trends – UI Design changes very quickly and frequently. Some trends become outdated and slowly lose their positions, while others flourish and are widely used. Design trends last for a long time thanks to the transformations and enhancements of experience.


Here are the top UI design trends for 2021.

1. 3D experience


One of the hottest design trends of 2021 will be 3D design. Through websites and apps, designers are aiming to deliver a rich experience to their users. 3D design with depth, lighting and realistic details gives users a closer to the real world experience. Be it illustrations or typography, the 3D design is sure to make users interact with the website or app for longer. Technologies like AR will require designers to adopt 3D design as one of the more important skill sets.

2. Glassmorphism

Glassmorphism is the latest trend in user interfaces and is rapidly gaining in popularity. One of the main applications of this design has appeared in Apple’s macOS Big Sur, released in 2020. The Fluent Design design system, improved by Microsoft, also uses Glassmorphism.


So what is Glassmorphism?


Glassmorphism favors transparency and blur, which isn’t exactly a new style. It is an upgrade and successor of the former quintessence, the main characteristic of this style is:

  • Transparency (a translucent glass effect uses an effect to blur the background)
  • Multi-layer approach with objects suspended in space
  • Vivid colors to accentuate opacity throughout
  • A slight, subtle contour on blurred objects.

3. Soft Gradient

Designer: Maxim Nilov

The design is moving towards minimalism, and for emphasis, there’s nothing more fitting than using subtle gradients’ color transitions. The designers have turned to a more ingenious use of gradients. Instead of just using monotonous gradient transitions like before, many designers have used Pastel color gradients in combination with Blur, Overlap effects and increase or decrease transparency to create a softer effect. .

4. Animated images and graphics

Design: Hadi Altaf

By 2021, micro animation is expected to become more popular. They form the vast mass of key elements that the user will distinguish and interact with. The main prediction for 2021 is that hand-drawn or custom images will continue to play an important role in UI / UX design. Such illustrations are capable of creating a warm and friendly atmosphere as well as ensuring a positive user experience. The obvious advantages of illustration and animation are the free form and the untouched design. Many platforms have used asymmetry and free style to stand out from the crowd and show their outside thinking. This has been shown to be effective in improving user experience.



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