Top the best Vietnamese typing software on iOS
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 Top the best Vietnamese typing software on iOS

Top the best Vietnamese typing software on iOS

When using a Smartphone to instant message with friends, you always want your device to have the best Vietnamese percussion, installing Vietnamese typing app on your Smartphone will help you find it more accurately. , easier to understand the content of the conversation with friends, improve Vietnamese typing speed on the smartphone keyboard, limit misspellings when typing.

To help you improve that, today will offer the best options for Vietnamese percussion on iOS operating system so that you can choose for yourself an appropriate Vietnamese percussion. especially when typing Vietnamese.

Top the best Vietnamese typing applications on iPhone and iPad

  • 1. Default keyboard
  • 2. Laban Key
  • 3. Typiora
  • 4. GO Keyboard
  • 5. Swype

First, to install Vietnamese third-party keyboard on iOS operating system, follow the steps below:

Step 1: Go to the application Settings (Settings)> General Settings (General)> Keyboards (Keyboard)> Keyboards (Keyboards)

Install new iOS keyboardInstall new iOS keyboardInstall new iOS keyboard

Step 2: Then click Add new keyboard (Add New Keyboard) > select the keyboard you want to add, here I add Vietnamese typing application Typiora, then exit and select the keyboard just added

Install new iOS keyboardInstall new iOS keyboardInstall new iOS keyboard

Finally, turn on the feature Allow full access up. So you can use the new keyboard already.

Install new iOS keyboard

That’s it, the setup to add a new keyboard, now come to the Vietnamese keyboard on iOS.

1. Default keyboard

Default keyboard

This is also a perfect choice when you do not want to use Vietnamese typing software from 3rd party, although it is not supported much in terms of keyboard interface, keyboard effects, but it still supports Many languages ​​and many common users still feel that this typing method meets the needs of typing Vietnamese and does not need another application.

In addition, the default iOS keyboard also supports voice input and shortcut support, the ability to recognize Vietnamese language of the application is quite good, when converted into text with less spelling errors. Although the application has fewer options than other Vietnamese typing applications, but if you are a person who does not like “fancy”, cumbersome editing, you can choose this option because it is stable and well supported what users need.

2. Laban Key



Download Laban Key for iOS Download LabanKey for Android

The second option is Laban Key, not to mention that you also know the popularity of this application, because it appears very early on the app store, even on Android Laban Key is also widely used, The quality of this percussion is considered very good, because this is an application developed by Vietnamese people.

With Laban Key you will have features like:

  • Support the two most common typing methods today are Telex and VNI: allows typing from anywhere in the word.
  • Advanced Telex typing mode helps to type Vietnamese faster: cc = ch, gg = gi, kk = kh, nn = ng, qq = qu, pp = ph, tt = th, uu = approx.
  • Can add accents to the current word.
  • Other languages ​​can be typed when spelling errors are not possible for a Vietnamese word.
  • Support for suggestions after users type a few characters.
  • Emoji keyboard.
  • Support shortcut keys.
  • Rich keyboard theme support and allows you to create your own theme.

With a friendly, easy-to-use interface, the settings in the app are easy to customize, the keyboard themes are not too colorful, but at least give you a fresh experience when dressing your keyboard. I, a minus point that Laban Key does not have like other tools is that it has not integrated the Swype typing method (input characters by drawing on the keyboard) that many people use.

In return, Laban Key possesses a special feature that few other keyboards have, which is to delete mistyped characters by swiping to the left of the deletion character on the keyboard, short swiping will erase a word and long swiping will erase an entire line, you can also move the cursor position to any position on the input text by swiping G to both sides of the keyboard.

After installing and activating the Laban Key, the keyboard switch icon on the interface will disappear, to switch the old keyboard you can press and hold the comma next to the Space key to optionally change the keyboard. This is a point that many users do not recognize and have to go to settings to switch back to the default keyboard.

3. Typiora



Download Typiora for iOS

Typiora is a Vietnamese typing application dedicated to iOS, just like Laban Key, Typiora supports users a lot in text input, and the ability to delete text by swiping the delete button to the left, but Typiora is more special in that you can recover deleted content by swiping back to the right, moving the mouse cursor is also on this app but instead of swiping. G You just need to hold your hands in the space and then swipe back and forth to be able to place the mouse cursor anywhere on the content you want.

With Typiora you will be using features like:

  • Single-handed operation mode: Change keyboard layout for easy typing with one hand.
  • Guess the smart characters: guess the next word and correct the error.
  • Shortcuts and text samples: Enter less and faster using shortcuts or text templates available.
  • Row of number keys: Add row of number keys to the top of the keyboard.
  • Adjust capitalization on text: You can quickly convert the whole text to uppercase, lowercase or uppercase at the beginning of the sentence.
  • Font: Convert text into hundreds of unique fonts.
  • Design keyboard theme: Create your own theme and share with friends.
  • Connection Typiora: Customizable theme hosting on cloud storage or shared widely with Typiora users.
  • Multi-language support: Experience multilingual keyboard (including Vietnamese) by downloading new languages ​​to your computer. The list of supported languages ​​will be updated regularly.
  • Unique Emoji icons: Quick access to the new Emoji icon set.
  • Special characters: Test hundreds of symbols and special characters when texting.
  • Experiment: the item Test Lab to try out the keyboard before applying and setting it up.

More convenient when you can immediately change the keyboard settings by clicking the gear icon at the top of the key, then you can optionally change the keyboard interface, change the default font set or Download more “suits” to put on your keyboard.

In addition, Typiora also supports you with other input methods such as dragging your finger up in the position of the top character keys attached with the number to enter a quick number key into the text, or move the cursor to a word you typed, then drag the Shift key to capitalize the word without having to delete it completely then re-type it, or emphasize a lowercase letter so it becomes capitalized, very convenient in editing spelling after you have entered a long paragraph of text.

4. GO Keyboard

GO KeyboardGO KeyboardGO Keyboard

GO KeyboardGO Keyboard

GO Keyboard for iOS GO Keyboard for Android

Another familiar application for iPhone users is GO Keyboard, this Vietnamese typing software will help you improve your typing speed and reduce spelling errors. You can change the keyboard interface by sharing the interface content you want to upload to Facebook right in the app, change the size and position of the keyboard to fit your hand, this helps You input better. To type Vietnamese, you must download Vietnamese language package right on the application to use.

GO Keyboard will have the following features for you to customize and explore

  • Customize the theme to your liking and regularly update new themes every week
  • Supports 36 different languages ​​and automatically adjusts language references, including bilingual keyboards
  • Automatically guess the input characters, automatically correct spelling errors
  • Memorize individual vocabulary entered and create your own language library.

After starting GO Keyboard, you can go to performance settings and turn on / off many utilities of the application, GO Keyboard also has Swype mode built-in, but this mode has many spelling and unreal errors. smoothness. The application also allows you to delete only one word at a time like on the default keyboard without the feature to delete multiple words like on Laban Key and Typiora. However, GO Keyboard is still a lot of people love because there are many customization and the interface can be changed easily.

5. Swype



Swype for iOS Swype for Android

The only paid application in this ranking, you probably know how to input this application, right, as its name suggests. Swype, this application is strongly supported by the Swype input method, but you want to experience Swype, you need to pay 0.99 USD to download and use.

The main feature on Swype that users can experience

  • Ability to accurately guess from users typing using a multilingual keyboard
  • Keyboard emoji with hundreds of icons, supports both Intelligent Emoji
  • Support 5 free themes and thousands of other paid themes
  • Native language support and new word trend updates constantly
  • Enter capital letters, quick symbols by gestures
  • Add or delete words in the personal dictionary
  • Support custom keyboard layout (QWERTY, AZERTY, QWERTZ)
  • Use Swype on your iPad or iPhone
  • Support about 21 interface languages

Commenting on the performance, this keyboard is rarely typed, you can enter it smoothly by typing each character as well as typing by drawing on the keyboard, if you use familiar Swype you will replace Completely change the universal input habit through this method.

Those are the best Vietnamese typing software available on iOS, if you love the customization and utility these applications bring, download one of these apps right to your device. and use them.

Hope the article will be useful for you

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