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Unlike most technology products (eg laptops, phones), a high-quality headset will never be outdated. First released in 2003, Sennheiser HD650 considered one of the best pair of headphones that you can buy in the mid-fi headphone market. In this article, we will delve into the strengths and weaknesses of this world-famous headphone product line.

Sennheiser HD650 is a pair of headphones with good build quality and finish, giving users a high level of use value. The pair of headphones has a neutral sound quality and is not discolored, not only providing a good experience when listening to entertainment music, but also can be used in professional monitoring jobs.

Due to the high impedance of 300 ohm, you will need to use the headset through an amplifier, a separate DAC or a dedicated music player to get the best audio performance.

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Specifications of Sennheiser HD650

  • Design form: Over-ear headphones, back open
  • Drivers: Dynamic
  • Impedance: 300 ohm
  • Sensitivity: 103 dB
  • Frequency response range: 10Hz – 41000Hz
  • Mass: 260g’

Sennheiser HD650

Sennheiser HD650: Design

The Sennheiser HD650 is the second model of the headphone line-up that was first released in the early 90s. Overall, I rate the headphones as possessing a design that leans more towards practicality than looks. external aesthetics.

The detail that attracts a lot of users’ attention is definitely the large mesh membrane located on the surface of the 2 ear buds. This mesh is used to protect the driver system inside the pair of headphones. This is a common point for a pair of headphones with an open back design.

Sennheiser HD650 is finished with the main color tone is black, giving it a professional and extremely high-end look. The pair of headphones provides an extremely comfortable wearing experience thanks to the soft cushioning details and moderate pressure.

The pair of headphones has many details made of plastic with very good build quality. And for important details, such as the core of the headband, or the driver’s protective mesh, the manufacturer decided to use a more durable material than metal.

The padding of the headband is cut a little in the middle, allowing me to wear the headphones for a long time without getting a headache. The Sennheiser HD650’s headband has a moderate pressure, helping to keep the headphones in place during music listening.

Sennheiser HD650’s two earpads are made of stiff foam material, finished with a velvet fabric for a very comfortable skin-to-skin feel. Sennheiser HD650’s default earpads have a fairly deep thickness, allowing my ears to be fully embraced during use without being pressed against the speaker wall.

Sennheiser HD650

Sennheiser HD650 is a pair of headphones with a relatively large size. Located inside each earbud is a pair of 42mm diameter drivers, located right behind a 38mm speaker diaphragm. As a pair of headphones with an open back design, the driver system of the pair is located just below a metal mesh.

Many different parts of the Sennheiser HD650 can be disassembled and replaced, such as the padded headband, 2 earpads and the audio cable. This allows you to use the pair of headphones for an extended period of time.

The pair of headphones has a fairly high impedance of 300 ohm, so you will need to use specialized amplifiers or music players to be able to use the headphones with the best performance.

Due to its open back design, the Sennheiser HD650’s soundproofing ability will not be as good as headphones with a closed back design. For that reason, Sennheiser HD650 will bring the best music experience in quiet places with little background noise.

Sennheiser HD650

Sennheiser HD650: Sound Quality

Sennheiser HD650 possesses a balanced sound quality, not discolored like most entertainment headsets sold on the market. This is a sound quality suitable for professional monitoring work, so you will likely encounter the Sennheiser HD650 in different studios around the world.

Thanks to a neutral sound quality, the pair of headphones provides a good sound experience for a variety of music genres. And with the ability to reproduce each tonal range with great detail, you can feel the tiniest notes in a piece of music.

HD650 does not own the widest soundstage compared to the segment. A specific example is the pair of GoldPlanar GL2000 headphones with the ability to allow listeners to precisely locate the position of each instrument in a piece of music. However, when compared to most back-end headphones on the market, Sennheiser HD650 still gives listeners a spacious and impressive soundstage.

Bass range

After 7 years since the first release of the HD600 product line, the manufacturer decided to launch a follow-up headset model, the HD650, with the aim of giving consumers a choice of headphones with full bass. than. The bass of this pair of headphones has a high presence in a piece of music, but is still cleverly controlled, not encroaching on other bands.

Of course, on the market there are still models of headphones that are capable of expressing the bass range with greater accuracy. But even so, the HD650 is capable of handling the bass range with very good performance. The bass of the pair of headphones has a fast and decisive beat, and stops at the right time, not stretched to the point of excess.

Mid range

The ability to express the mid-range with high fidelity is one of the main reasons why the HD600 has become so successful in the market. As a headphone serial, the HD650 builds on that solid foundation and gives listeners a great musical experience.

The pair of headphones faithfully represent vocal tones, especially for male vocals. The mid range of the headphones is presented in a neutral way, allowing the main instruments to sound clearly and faithfully. Overall, Sennheiser HD650 gives listeners a full and neutral mid sound, suitable for many different genres of music.

Treble range

The HD650 presents a wide and airy treble range, allowing string instruments a chance to shine in different tracks. Overall, Sennheiser HD650 gives listeners a comprehensive sound quality, with high detail.


Sennheiser HD650 is a pair of quality monitoring headphones in the mid-fi headphone segment. The product possesses a unique design, has impressive build quality and durability. The pair of headphones gives listeners a balanced and honest sound quality, not as discolored as popular entertainment headsets on the market. If you are looking to buy a high-quality pair of headphones, then the Sennheiser HD650 will be an option worth considering.

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Plus mark

  • Realistic sound quality, no coloration
  • Good build quality, high durability
  • Comfortable wearing experience

Minus point

  • It is necessary to use a dedicated amplifier or music player to get the best experience
  • The soundstage is not at the top of the segment
  • The treble range may be a bit harsh for some people

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