Top software you should install first on Windows
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 Top software you should install first on Windows

Top software you should install first on Windows

Software is the “core” of computers. Whether you’re just buying a PC or reinstalling Windows, the first task is always to install the application. While there are countless great Windows programs, the following names should definitely be installed first before starting your computer.

Top recommended Windows applications for new computers

  • 1. Internet browser: Google Chrome
  • 2. Cloud storage: Dropbox
  • 3. Listen to music online: Spotify
  • 4. Office suite: LibreOffice
  • 5. Photo editing software: Paint.NET
  • 6. Security software: Malwarebytes Anti-Malware
  • 7. Software for listening to music, watching movies: VLC
  • 8. Screen capture: ShareX
  • 9. File compression and decompression software: PeaZip
  • 10. Free messaging app: Zalo, Viber, Messenger, Skype
  • 11-15. Other great stuff

1. Internet browser: Google Chrome

Google Chrome browser

Not surprisingly, Google Chrome topped the browser list. It works super fast, including many utilities like image search, extensive Chrome extension library, multi-platform sync capability that allows you to open desktop tabs on the phone … Overall, Google Chrome has can meet all your surfing needs.

However, Chrome is not without its errors. Many people want to avoid being monitored by Google and its RAM consumption is really an annoying problem. However, the good news is that you have many other alternatives, such as Firefox, Opera …

  • Download Google Chrome
  • Download Firefox
  • Download Opera

2. Cloud storage: Dropbox


If you can only choose one cloud service, you should install Dropbox. Although 2GB free is not much, you can increase it by referring your friends. Dropbox supports most popular platforms, so you can get files from anywhere. Sharing files on Dropbox is also super easy. Whether you use it as part of a backup plan, like a cloud flash drive or setting up a shared folder with others, Dropbox can do it perfectly.

In addition, you can take advantage of other cloud services, link with Dropbox for more free storage and reasonable file division, such as Google Drive giving users impressive free storage. , up to 15GB. This is really a great alternative.

  • Download Dropbox
  • Download Google Drive

3. Listen to music online: Spotify


Many years ago, listening to music on a computer meant that you had to enter and organize your mp3 collection. Now online music services have almost eliminated the need to buy digital discs and albums.

There are many music streaming services on the market, but this article encourages Spotify because it’s free (of course with ads), allowing you to listen to music freely. Upgrading to Spotify Premium is absolutely worth the money for music enthusiasts. Spotify also has its own Windows application, compared to Apple Music which requires cumbersome iTunes, while Google Play Music has only the web version, Spotify really stands out.

  • Download Spotify
  • Download Apple Music
  • Download Google Play Music

4. Office suite: LibreOffice


Surely you will need tools for writing documents, spreadsheets, presentations … at some point in your life. You may have thought that buying Microsoft Office was the only option, but that was not the case.

You should not ignore LibreOffice if using Windows. It’s completely free and is a powerful office suite, including alternative features for Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access … Once you get used to the difference in design of MS Office, you will work. Quick with LibreOffice.

If you do not want to use LibreOffice, try FreeOffice.

  • Download LibreOffice
  • Download FreeOffice

5. Photo editing software: Paint.NET


Whether you want to try editing artwork or obscure sensitive information on screenshots or want to restore old photos, installing specialized software is the perfect choice. You can think of the leading solution – Photoshop, but there are still many free tools that are easier to use.

Paint.NET is the first choice. It is more powerful than Microsoft Paint but does not overwhelm you by confusing icons. You can easily blur parts of photos, automatically edit them to look better and insert text / shapes into pictures with just a few clicks. The plugin also allows you to extend its features.

If Paint.NET feels too basic, try GIMP more advanced.

  • Download Paint.NET
  • Download GIMP

6. Security software: Malwarebytes Anti-Malware


Although Windows 10 already includes Windows Defender – the antivirus program is good enough for most users. However, you should still install the second security software.

Prominent and hard to beat in this regard is undoubtedly Malwarebytes. The free version allows you to scan your system for all malware that common antivirus software is hard to catch. If you want a strong, professional security solution, you should upgrade to Malwarebytes Premium.

  • Download Malwarebytes

7. Software for listening to music, watching movies: VLC

VLC Media Player

With the popularity of YouTube, you can watch most videos in the browser. However, you should still install a dedicated movie and music player on your computer to open media files while offline.

To accomplish this task, no software can beat VLC Media Player because of its rich features, which can open almost any video and audio format. You may not use it often, but installing VLC will help you avoid the trouble of unsafe video codecs or QuickTime.

  • Download VLC

8. Screen capture: ShareX


Windows screenshots are extremely useful in many situations, such as capturing funny moments to important information. The basic Snipping Tool of Windows provides only basic feature set. Therefore, you need something better.

You won’t find a better free screen capture tool than ShareX. With so many shooting methods, a powerful built-in editor, which automatically takes steps after shooting with additional tools such as color selection, ruler …, ShareX really impressed by the feature set. great free.

If you prefer something simpler, you can try Greenshot.

  • Download ShareX
  • Download GreenShot

9. File compression and decompression software: PeaZip

Software to compress and decompress peazip

Windows only supports reading simple compressed files, so if you need to handle them further, you’ll need a professional tool. WinRar is a well-known and undisputed name in this field. Therefore, the article offers an alternative, equally useful, called PeaZip.

PeaZip is an excellent choice for compression and decompression needs. It is more attractive and user friendly than its competitors. PeaZip brings many useful features such as repairing corrupted files, converting file formats, etc.

7-Zip is also a good choice when it comes to extracting files, but it’s a bit harder to use than PeaZip. Both PeaZip and 7-Zip are free.

  • Download PeaZip
  • Download 7-Zip
  • Download WinRAR

10. Free messaging app: Zalo, Viber, Messenger, Skype

Messaging application must be installed on the computer

Surely you should install a free messaging app on your computer to keep in touch with friends, exchange work with colleagues more convenient. In Vietnam, Zalo, Viber, Facebook Messenger and Skype are the most popular free messaging apps.

Facebook Mesenger is a great tool for chatting with friends on social networks with many funny photo, video and sticker sharing features. Especially, it links your Facebook account so you can easily update the situation of your friends.

Meanwhile, Zalo, Viber, Skype are preferred in businesses, companies, organizations more because of high security and more professional. Most of these 3 applications allow users to create groups with important conversation pin feature, quickly search for old messages with just a few simple steps.

  • Download Viber
  • Download Zalo
  • Download Facebook Messenger
  • Download Skype

11-15. Other great stuff


  • Unchecky Automatically checks the checkbox during software installation and ensures you do not install any third party “junk”.
  • Ditto Clipboard Manager Increase Windows clipboard availability. With it, you can keep dozens of copied data at your fingertips & easily search through clipboard history.
  • F.lux Automatically filters out blue light from your computer screen when the sun goes down, allowing you to continue working at night without straining your eyes. Although Windows 10 has integrated the same feature as Night Light, F.lux offers more customization capabilities.
  • Everything Support quick search feature of the entire Windows system. If you need to locate a file and search by default doesn’t do it. Everything can help you.
  • TreeSize Free allows you to quickly analyze which storage and directories are taking up the most resources.

Above are the software you should install first when buying a new computer or reinstalling Windows. All are free and easy to use. If you have any other options or additional software, don’t hesitate to share them with

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