Top photo management apps

Top photo management apps

The photo management application is designed with a focus on features to help users improve their workflow when processing images in large quantities, in contrast to the group of image viewing tools, photo management applications that add features. An additional feature to change image labels and provide a simple way to quickly share photos on the Internet, in this article, ElectrodealPro suggest the best photo management apps on the platform. computer and mobile.

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Every photo management application each has its own features and is intended for photo management. Among many applications, there are tools that are considered to be great with beautiful design, fast and stable use, there are also many applications that are quite simple, even rudimentary and functional. quite slow to touch. The following content is useful sharing information to help you get an overview before making your own choices.

Best photo management software

Top Image Management Application For Windows / Mac

1. Google Photos

Google Photos is a trusted software for managing photos and audio and video files. Images are moved to Distributed storage and streamlined, making it easy to find and reopen when needed. Besides the PC platform of macOS, Windows, and Linux, Google Photos also works on Android & iOS mobile devices.

– Download Google Photos for PC

2. Adobe Bridge

Adobe Bridge CC is completely free photo management software for Windows and Mac computers, chosen by many designers and photographers for handling and managing multimedia content. Organize photos individually and collectively, conveniently change group photos, including watermark, change shadow settings, and transfer images to Adobe Stock – these are features you’ll experience with Adobe Bridge.

Adobe Bridge makes it easier for photographers to organize photos and control data, now adding support for CC Libraries.

Download Adobe Bridge CC here.

3. Adobe Lightroom

While best known as photo editing software, Adobe Lightroom is also one of the best photo management apps on PC. Lightroom is a great choice for photographers who are willing to pay for both editing and managing photos. To get started with Adobe Lightroom, you will import given photos and frames and bring them into subfolders.

Download Lightroom CC here.

4. XnViewMP

XnViewMP is a versatile photo management software, upgraded from XnView, working with pictures and illustrations on PC. XnViewMP integrates viewing, converting and organizing multimedia content, supports macOS, Windows and Linux platforms.

– Download XnView MP
– Download XnView MP for Mac
– Download XnView MP for Linux

5. FastStone

FastStone is a photo viewing software on Windows computers, and integrates folders and photo databases. FastStone is only supported on Windows platforms, it’s free to use and is considered the best photo management tool out of the same software.

– Download FastStone Image Viewer

Top photo management apps for Android & iOS

1. Google Photos

Google Photos is photo management software for all users with a Google account, allowing you to store, organize, and manage photos & videos in Photo Gallery; Automatically backs up and organizes photos to albums in the cloud and provides unlimited storage space. In addition, you can edit and share photos extremely quickly with Google Photos.

– Download Google Photos for Android
– Download Google Photos for iPhone

2. Flickr

Flickr is a comprehensive photo management application for Android & iOS mobile devices that allows you to open, edit and share photos on your smartphone anywhere. In addition, Flickr is also a smart photo editing tool, which supports adding filters and effects to photos.

– Download Flickr for Android
– Download Flickr for iPhone

3. Slidebox

Slidebox allows you to delete photos you no longer use, compare similar photos and delete them with just a swipe of the screen. In addition, the application also supports sorting photos by album automatically and sorting photos directly in Gallery. If you do not want to save to the album automatically, you can completely move the photos into the kahcs folder for easier searching.

– Download Slidebox for Android
– Download Slidebox for iPhone

4. Shoebox

Shoebox is a cloud-based photo storage application with automatic photo backup, allowing users to organize photos in the application in a logical way. Shoebox uses many encryption algorithms to assist users in backing up images securely; providing unlimited cloud photo storage; Support for browsing photos by folder, camera, time and many other useful features.

– Download Shoebox for Android
– Download Shoebox for iPhone

5. PhotoSync

PhotoSync allows you to transfer photos between computer, Android mobile device, iPhone / iPad, NAS, cloud at the same time. It also supports automatic photo and video backup, and quick photo sharing from cloud and NAS.

– Download PhotoSync for Android
– Download PhotoSync for iPhone
The above is top photo management app The best choice for many people to use today on familiar devices is computers and phones. Each application has its own advantages and disadvantages, so you will depend on your needs to choose the most suitable software. May use Google Photos on a computer Or use Google Photos on your phone or install and use Lightroom … these options are sure to bring many benefits to users in image editing and especially photo management.


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