Top generals capable of “1 pound 5” in the League

When playing League of Legends, sometimes you need to jump in the middle of an enemy unit to carry the team and take damage to weak teammates. Here are the top generals capable of “1 pound 5” in the League for you to do that.

When it comes to the top generals capable of “1 pound 5” in the League, we have the image of generals possessing a large body, moving slowly but possessing a skill set “nothing but nothing. buffalo power ”to help them eat tons of damage and still not die. They may not evaporate an opponent onto the board in just one skill set, but can shave the enemy’s health bit by bit until they hit the board in despair.

The gladiator generals are the group of generals that satisfy this need of gamers. They have an extremely important role in a match, often being the one to initiate the fight or take the lead in the total battle. If a formation does not have a gladiator champion to block and attract damage then that formation is very easy to be destroyed by the enemy in total combat. These are the generals that can weigh 5 opponents (not necessarily kill all 5) that you need.


Omega is the most mobile and sturdy general in the game, with many good control skills and can easily roam from the beginning of the game. In the context of the Coalition, he is just an armor with the knowledge and incredible power to smash all enemies. His purpose was made to fight evil and bring peace to the world. With ultimate strength, there is no weapon or magic that can destroy him. Therefore, this is the general that deserves to be mentioned first in the top generals capable of “1 pound 5” in the League.

Top generals capable of

The best combo for Omega: Strike 1 to turn on the shield + Accelerate rush into the enemy -> Skill 2 -> Normal Attack -> Skill 3. With his passive, Omega can deal physical damage and stun the entire tower , making it easier to demolish buildings. He can also use skill 1 + technique 2 to bloody opponents while on the road, or control the target to make it easier for the gunner to graft the opponent’s blood. In teamfights, Omega will use his ult to damage and harass the enemy squad.


Just by looking at the shape of the Baldum centaur, you know that he is capable of 5 pounds in the League of Legends mobile. As a powerful warrior, Baldum is extremely muscular and heavily armored and has a series of control skills including kicking, repelling, slowing, and rooting. This skill set is extremely convenient for opening combat with resistance, so Baldum deserves to be mentioned in the top of the generals capable of “1 pound 5” in the League.

Top generals capable of

In particular, the way to play Baldum is quite simple and the way to build up is also very easy: you just need to plug in to buy Tanker equipment to ensure that it is both strong, useful and the chance of winning the rank is very high. Baldum is a super Tanker general, capable of solo laning from the beginning thanks to his skill set. Use it to annoy the enemy. Only one thing to note is that his ultimate is a bit difficult to use, so you need to practice using this skill.


Grakk is a super buffalo assassin, specializing in assisting ADCs by blocking damage to them. He possesses a unique skill set but has a rather slow movement speed, which will force Grakk to team up with his teammates to gank. In return, Grakk’s ability to pull the opponent towards him with his 2 – Spooky Chain helps him to be regularly selected in the top of the “1kg 5” champions in the League of Legends and present in ranked matches. .

Top generals capable of

However, spooky red is a very difficult skill to use and manipulate, so gamers often have to choose the right opportunity and aim properly if they do not want to waste this skill and become a dumbbell of their teammates in a minimum of 12 seconds. later. In addition, you must also pay attention to the opponent’s movement and combine with your teammates to gather a lot of enemies with the 3 – Devour. Once mastered these two skills, any enemy will have to blow when meeting Grakk.


Unlike the muscular guys above, Arum is a beautiful girl but still in the top of the generals capable of “1 pound 5” in the League of Nations. The reason for this is because she has very good control ability, and has a strong resistance to being able to suck blood from her set of moves. Passive summoned beasts are the moves that make Arum different from the rest of the League of Legends Mobile.

Top generals capable of

Arum’s main source of damage is ability 1, when combined with the ability to inflict damage and recovery from the intrinsic, Arum is extremely dangerous in teamfights, duel situations and special. especially in the early game. Her main control effect comes from ability 3, when it instantly creates 3 summoned beasts, locking down enemies for 2.5 seconds and enabling allies to destroy dangerous targets captured by Arum.

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