Top game of the most anticipated 2021

This is a list of top 2021 best games that are most anticipated at the same time of release. Not all games are confirmed to appear in 2021 as some of the names on the list initially promised to come out in 2020 but have been delayed.

Hollow Knight: Silksong

Team Cherry has the right to invest more time to refine its next version in 2021… because Hollow Knight is in the best Metroid-style game group in this genre. The sequel, Hornet, the character from the first game will be more agile and agile. The atmosphere as well as the way to explore the game is still Hollow Knight, but Hornet now has a new skill set that makes the action more different.

Disco Elysium: The Final Cut

The detective RPG game, Disco Elysium is so deep that we can play it again and again. This Final Cut features fully voiced characters, new quests, and new characters. If you have not played through this super product, you should not ignore this version.

Total War: Warhammer 3

Everyone was waiting for the release of Total War: Warhammer season 3 and finale in 2020, but that didn’t happen. Hopefully 2021, we will have a complete trio and groups of troops still not seen in the game: Ogre Kingdom, Daemon and Chaos Dwarf. Rumor has it that a group of monsters named Kislev (used to be NPCs in the first game) may be playing again.


There are many reasons why we get excited about Deathloop. This is a game about an assassin stuck in a time loop. This assassin must kill 8 objects in 24 hours to finish that loop. The combat game system is similar to Dishonored, but the levels are more expansive. The only reason you need to get excited about Deathloop is this: the game was developed by the team that made Prey.

Dying Light 2

The city in the new installment will be four times larger than the original open world. Not to mention, the number of parkour doubled is also more impressive. One reason for everyone to look forward to this survival horror is the head of the storyline of Dyling Light 2. It is Karolina Stachyra, a former member of CD Projekt Red, who is highly appreciated for the Bloody Baron mission team in The Witcher 3.

Boyfriend Dungeon

Will your favorite weapon in the game become your lover? Boyfriend Dungeons takes this idea to a new level. When you leave the dungeon with the talking magic sword, it turns into a cute character for you to date. From an action RPG game, Boyfriend Dungeon turns into a dating simulation game.

Resident Evil Village

What makes the first Resident Evil memorable is the background of the mansion. While the following installments take players to many other scary locations, the only time players get back into the gothic setting is Resident Evil 4: villages and castles. So what will Resident Evil 8 be? Of course the village, the same castle, look a lot like the Spencer Mansion. In addition, the game also has werewolves, mysterious forests and possibly vampires!

Vampire: The Masquerade — Bloodlines 2

After the creative director and script leader of Bloodlines 2 was fired, the game’s heat gradually disappeared. Although not as attractive as before, but Rik Schaffer, composer of the first version with will bring great music in the game.

12 Minutes

An attacker is coming to your house and you only have a few minutes to calm down and deal with him. The mystery in 12 Minutes as well as the strange graphics style is what makes the game confusing.

Nier Replicant

Nier: Automata was praised for its unique storyline, but it wasn’t the first time the game’s creator Yoko Taro had done this. Replicant is a remaster of the early Japanese Nier. Replicant also applies the same unique storyline and also has a great cast of characters and storytelling. The main point of the game is the mixture of Weiss, the talking book, and Kaine, the erratic warrior. The music in the game is also very good if not the best. The combat system is considered the weak point of the first part so hopefully this update will fix that.

Hitman 3

It would not be an exaggeration to say that modern Hitman games will be one of the best 2021 games in the stealth segment. No other game of the same genre can do what IO has achieved. Not only impressing with complicated AI, IO also launched the concept of “social stealth” to help disguise and creep into the crowd more attractive than ever. IO will finish the Hitman trilogy with new maps and end the story from 2016.

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