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Top family vacuum cleaner worth buying today

With outstanding features and great benefits in food preservation, vacuum machines are widely used today. If you are wondering and want to choose a vacuum machine for your family, immediately refer to this article of Quantrimang Please. Top family vacuum machines worth buying today will certainly be quite interesting suggestions for you.


I. Use of vacuum machine

Vacuum machine is a machine that has been used by European countries for a long time to preserve food, the machine has been imported to Vietnam since 2007 but is used most by producers especially in 2013.

Vacuum machine has quite great uses for today’s life such as:

  • Help preserve food longer. Suitable for the preservation of various raw and cooked foods.
  • The plastic pouches that come with the machine for food packaging can be reused many times. Just wash your bag and you can save a decent expense.
  • This machine is suitable for all types of bags, sizes as well as a variety of products such as solid, adhesive, powder …
  • The products after absorption reach absolute tightness, reduce the size of the package thanks to the product packaging, easy to transport and store.
  • The product has a compact design, easy handling and high durability.

Vacuum is also a device used in many families. When using this device, housewives often incorporate compatible food bags to extend the shelf life of food (which may be one to two weeks longer than conventional storage methods).

Household vacuum machine

II. Structure of a vacuum machine

The vacuum machine uses a vacuum pump to empty the food packaging. Regarding the structure of the vacuum machine, there are 2 main components: a pump for vacuuming, food bags and 1 heating unit for sealing plastic mouth.

Some auxiliary parts such as machine case, lever pull rod, bag sealing stick … are made of hard plastic or metal depending on the manufacturer. In addition, the family vacuum machine also has a vacuum lamp or bag welding light, an increase and decrease button for welding time.

Some types of vacuum machines can absorb the whole country, the structure of the machine also has waste water discharge pipes, water tanks, filters attached to vacuum tubes and packaging of liquid, products containing water. , grease … These parts are usually removable for easy cleaning when used.

You should choose a type of vacuum machine that makes little noise when using, has a welding line width of about 5mm, a closed design, no need for external suction pump, no need to start the machine, have a timer. thermostats.

Some vacuum machines also have removable bag compartments, vacuum bag rolls and sharp cutting knives, with plastic tubing for vacuuming in the box, in the bag without solder mouth.

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III. Classification of vacuum machine

Basically, the vacuum machine is divided into 3 types as follows:

  • Portable vacuum machine: This is the most common type of device preferred by many families. The device has a simple, compact design, just one hand can be used to vacuum. The device can plug in or use AA batteries and the price is quite cheap. The downside of this machine is quite picky bags.
  • Household vacuum (mini): Household vacuum machine also has a simple structure and moderate size, can also be used by hand easily. Compared to handheld vacuum machines, this type of machine can be called a semi-automatic. Most small businesses such as food, dry food, and restaurant use this type of machine. It has better vacuum suction and sealing effect than handheld vacuum. It can also be used with more bags than handhelds.
  • Industrial vacuum machine: This machine can suck automatically, continuously for many hours and suck many bags at the same time. However, this model is quite cumbersome and often used in factories.

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IV. Top the most popular vacuum machine today

1. DZ300B vacuum machine – Reference price: 1,090,000 VND

The highlight of the DZ300B vacuum machine is that it can be used with all types of bags, bag sizes, packaging of a variety of products, including products with liquids such as water, grease, flour … because they are retrofitted. strainer, attach suction fluid tube.

Specially designed electronic suction pump with high capacity up to 0.08Mpa.

The product can be used for households, small supermarkets, clean vegetable shops, grocery stores …

In terms of structure, the DZ300B vacuum machine has a fairly clear information display panel that brings many advantages during use.

Technical data:

  • Warranty 12 months
  • Brand: China
  • Capacity: 150W
  • Suction power: 0.045Mpa

2. Sunhouse SHD5812 vacuum machine – Reference price: 1,450,000 VND

Sunhouse SH5812 vacuum machine is also an option to consider. The device has a compact design, convenient, multifunctional. Sunhouse SH5812 vacuum cleaner has smart spill-proof groove when vacuuming, wide vacuum compartment, easy to clean after use. The machine also has a high capacity, strong suction power.

The product has fairly basic colors when combining white and black harmoniously. This color is often suitable for the aesthetic of most consumers. The lightest weight machine in the vacuum line, just over 1.2 kg.

Sunhouse SHD5812 vacuum cleaner is less picky, suitable for many types of suction bags, but the manufacturer still recommends sanding bags.

Sunhouse vacuum machine

Technical data:

  • Warranty 12 months
  • Brand: South Korea
  • Capacity: 100W

3. Vacuum machine DZ-300A – Reference price: 990,000 VND

DZ-300A is made of high-quality ABS material for impact resistance and easy to clean. Compact design, quite beautiful with bright colors.

DZ300A vacuum machine can be used to vacuum a variety of dry, fresh foods or utensils, utensils that need to be preserved such as jewelry, children’s utensils.

This type of vacuum bag vacuum pickling machine, can be used with many types of bags with 30cm welding mouth length. As long as the bag is not too thin and you choose the appropriate welding mouth mode. Vacuum bags containing food can still be washed, dried and reused very economically after use.

Technical data:

  • Warranty 12 months
  • Suction power: 0.045Mpa
  • Made in China
  • Voltage source: 220V – 240V / 50Hz – 60Hz

Through this article hope you will have more information to choose the most suitable vacuum machine. If you need to use, customers can contact us directly at the hotline: At Hanoi: or at TP HCM: for advice and best service.

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