Top best text editor apps

Top best text editor apps

The following top best text editors that ElectrodealPro share below will provide you with great options for working with text. Each tool has its own unique features that appeal to users.

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Text editor application It sounds boring, but it is the lifeblood of many organizations around the world. From development teams to publishers, writing and writing tools are in most people’s workflows. Whether you are writing PHP or simply notes for a project, there are tons of useful tools to help you make this job a little easier and those are the best text editing apps that Taimienphi .vn will introduce you shortly.

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Synthesis of text editor applications on PC, Mac, Android, iOS best.

6 best text editor apps

1. Microsoft Word

Microsoft Word is never absent from the top of the best, most used, or best known editing applications. This is the industry standard text editor used on most computers. With Word, you can create documents and complete a number of other word processing-related functions. This program offers advantages that greatly aid in your work.

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Microsoft Word has modern templates, formats, and layouts, so assignments, projects, blogs, notes, letters, and scripts all appear great on all devices. It offers the ability to share documents and PDF files via email, Skype and many other platforms. One of the benefits of using Microsoft Word is that it easily integrates with other Microsoft Office programs. For example, if there is a spreadsheet created in Microsoft Excel, you can easily paste it into the Word document. This allows you to complete a variety of computational tasks without having to waste time converting documents or files so that they can be used on other programs.

Word allows you to create simple drafting documents like letters or reports and keep them as basic as possible, or add colors, use artistic text, adjust sizes and fonts, and weight. light, align and number as desired. You can save documents in many different formats, including a web page.

Download Microsoft Word for devices here:

=> Link download Word for Android

=> Link download Word for iPhone

=> Link download Word 2019

=> Link download Word 2016

=> Link download Word 2013

=> Link download Word 2010

=> Link download Word 2007

2. Sublime Text

Sublime Text is the favorite choice of many users. This text editor also offers a free version for testing and if you want to keep using it, you’ll need to shell out $ 80. Although $ 80 might seem like a sizable amount of money for a text editor, it is important that a license for a user is not on a computer, so you can use Sublime Text on the bag. as many computers and operating systems as you want.

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As for the features, Sublime Text has the advantage of being extremely lightweight (uses less system resources), but still offers some of the advanced features you’d expect from a row text editor app. head. The main benefit is that Sublime Text provides shortcuts and a search engine for instantly finding certain functions and making changes to multiple lines at once. Jumping to symbols or a specific word only takes a few seconds.

In addition, Sublime Text automatically creates an index of all functions and methods so you can work with shortcuts and customizes them to locate bits of code while working. You can also enter several keystrokes to move directly to menu items. So if you want to sort something out of your document, you won’t need to sift through the entire menu to find that functionality. Sublime Text has a Python API. This means the tool can integrate a large number of plugins, including thousands of plugins created by the Sublime Text community.

Download Sublime Text for devices here:

=> Link to download Sublime Text 3 for PC

=> Link to download Sublime Text 3 for Mac

=> Link to download Sublime Text 3 for Linux

3. Atom

With Atom, you have access to an open source text editor application with developers. In fact, the creator of Atom claims that the tool was created for developers only. Additionally, there is a community of developers contributing themes and plugins like WordPress or some other open source tool. An experienced developer should have no problems working with Atom, as it provides a visual collaboration toolkit, a slick editor, and some great organization tools to check out. investigation projects.

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All your projects can be shared and edited in real time. Furthermore, Atom has a GitHub package available in the text editor. This way your team can create everything from branches to stages on an interface. Another great thing about Atom is that it’s cross-platform support, and works on operating systems like Linux, OS X, and Windows. Like an iPhone or WordPress, Atom has additional features that you can install called packages. They are provided to extend the functionality of the basic tool. You can also install themes to make your text editor app look better.

Download Atom for devices here:

=> Link download Atom for PC

=> Link download Atom for Mac

4. Notepad ++

As one of the most popular premium text editing apps on the market, Notepad ++ comes in a compact package for free and includes powerful editing components. With a General Public License, all developers and content creators can use the tool immediately after download. Notepad ++ runs on Microsoft Windows and it uses less computing power than the average text editor.

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One of the things that makes Notepad ++ stand out is that it has been translated into more than 80 languages, giving it easy access to users around the world. Furthermore, you can also translate Notepad ++ into your native language if your language cannot be found in the list of supported languages.

Writing code and word processing in Notepad ++ is made easy because it uses syntax highlighting and text hiding / rendering. There’s also a great search and replace engine along with a customizable user interface. For example, you might want a vertical tab or document list, all of which is possible with Notepad ++ text editor.

Download Notepad ++ for the devices here:

=> Link download Notepad ++

=> Link download Notepad ++ Portable

5. CoffeeCup – The HTML Editor

CoffeeCup’s HTML Editor provides an extremely advanced text editor for code and overall web design management. The app allows users to try it for free, and to keep using it, you’ll need to shell out $ 49 for a lifetime. There’s also a completely free version, but the features are pretty poor.

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Users love CoffeeCup for creating HTML documents, but you might consider not opting for it if you work with many other coding languages. However, it makes sense to take advantage of CoffeeCup if you are only learning a language like HTML or PHP. As mentioned above, creating and editing HTML is made simple with CoffeeCup. This takes your web design to the next level, especially with tools for reference tagging and code completion.

CoffeeCup’s text editor app comes with several website themes. You may want to start over if you’re trying to learn more about coding, but topics drive the process when you need to create a client’s website by deadline.

Download CoffeeCup HTML Editor for devices here:

=> Link to download CoffeeCup HTML Editor for Computer

6. TextMate

TextMate is offered as a free download, but you can also decide to upgrade to the premium version for $ 59. Please note that with this payment you only have one license, so you will need to invest more if there is a team that needs to use the TextMate text editor.

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For starters, TextMate works strictly on macOS. It looks like a simple text editor, but it does have quite a bit of functionality in one small package. Some of the standards you’d expect from a text editor including find and replace, autocomplete, and table management are all present in TextMate. All programming languages ​​are supported and it also has a tool for Xcode projects.

TextMate allows you to create multiple insertion points for batch editing and interchange of code. You can also get a list of all revision revisions. So the list includes the file changes and allows you to use whatever previous version is needed.

Download TextMate for the devices here:

=> Link download TextMate for Mac
Some of the above shared text editing apps are great options for experienced developers, while others are more suitable for beginners or writers. You will definitely find an editing tool that is right for the job you are doing. In addition, there are many other online text editing tools like Google Docs or Word online …


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