Top best computer screen capture software 2019

Taking a screenshot of your computer is simple, you just need to directly use the function available in Windows by pressing the Print Screen key or Snipping Tool. But if you want to take screenshots more advanced, can customize advanced, here are the top computer screen capture software that Phong Vu introduces to you.


Software to help take screenshots quickly, the screen will reduce brightness to help you select the area to save photos easily. Also you can have the option of marking different arrows or bricks on the image. Easy to share on social networks or send to friends.

Main features of LightShot:

  • Take a screenshot of the computer screen.
  • Edit photos online.
  • Upload photos to social networks, photo sharing websites.
  • Simple interface, easy to use.
  • Search for similar photos via Google.

FastStone Capture

FastStone Capture screen capture software helps you get photos that serve a variety of purposes. Provides flexible screen capture feature with many different modes, high quality extract and save as you want.

FastStone Capture

Key features of FastStone Capture:

  • Support hotkeys for you to easily take a screenshot.
  • Provide many different shooting modes.
  • Provide image editing tools.
  • Lets save in many different formats.
  • Convert images to PDF files easily.
  • Support for sending and sharing photos on social networking sites.


Developed by Greenshot firm with the main function of taking screenshots. The software will capture your screen quickly. In addition, the software also supports many tools that allow you to adjust the screen image quickly.

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<p><strong>Key features of Greenshot:</strong></p>
<li>Support capturing part or the whole screen.</li>
<li>Integrated note tool, mark images taken from the screen</li>
<li>Easily save images, connect to printers, copy to Clipboard, email directly, upload to the internet.</li>
<li>Save images in different formats such as JPG, JPEG, TIF …</li>
<p>Snagit is an innovative software application for recording and taking photos of computer screens. Capture highlights to emphasize to share information with customers or friends. Instant shooting in a snap, you can set the standby and many other functions available in Snagit.</p>
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Professional screen capture software, you can take screenshots quickly with many different modes. Support many unique effects to make your photos more vivid and special. Support multiple image formats to choose from.

Screenshot Captor

Key features of Screenshot Captor:

  • Provide many different screen capture modes.
  • Provide many image editing tools.
  • Automatic smart naming of files, convert names and format easily
  • Support to share and send photos to social networking sites.

Above is the most popular screen capture software currently, if there are any difficulties, please comment below to Phong Vu to help you!

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