Top best Auto like Facebook software

Top best Auto like Facebook software

For online sellers on social networks Facebook, increasing likes, comments and shares is essential to reach more people. However, to choose which Auto like Facebook software is most effective, not everyone knows. So the following article ElectrodealPro will introduce to you the top 5 best Auto like Facebook software.

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If you are selling online on Facebook, the number of user interactions such as likes or comments is extremely important factors. The more likes and comments, the more users trust and buy from you.

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The best auto Like Facebook software

In the following article, ElectrodealPro will introduce you to the Top best Auto like Facebook software.

Top best auto Like Facebook software

1. WefBee

WefBee, formerly known as WebFee, is a free Facebook likes boost software that you can use to increase likes on your page. The software is integrated with standard features such as auto like (automatic like), automatic comment, …. Besides, the software is also integrated with other advanced features such as automatic followers, automatic friend requests, ….

Top auto memo like facebook is good for mobile phones

Download WefBee and install it here.

=> Link download Wefbee for Android

2. Hublaa Liker

Hublaa Liker allows users to set the number of likes from 10 to 350 likes. The free software also includes standard likes, as well as options to interact with on statuses, photos, videos, and shares that users post on their Facebook page or personal page.

all the auto-like memos for facebook are good

Hublaa Liker has a version available for Android, a free app version that allows users to receive up to 15,000 likes per day.

To use Hublaa Liker, you will have to change your profile and followers to public, as well as make your posts public.

To download Hublaa Liker to your device and install it, you can access it here.

=> Link download Hublaa Liker for Android

3. Official Liker

Like the Auto like Facebook software that ElectrodealPro introduced above, Official Liker also integrates the options to automatically like, comment and interact with the user’s post, at least 1000 likes and 500 times. comment.

phan mem auto like facebook tot nhat official liker

Another interesting point of the application is that every month there are giveaway programs, giving away 20,000 likes on user’s profile photos.

To download Official Liker, you visit here.

=> Link download Official Liker for Android

4. Yolikers

Yolikers works by using Yolikers, the free software version that provides 200 likes / requests. Users can send 50 requests / day and the maximum number of likes is 10,000 likes.

top phan mem auto like comment share facebook best yolikers

With the paid version, users have the right to set an unlimited number of likes on posts, images and videos, ….

Download Yolikers and install it here.

=> Link download Yolikers for Android

5. Free Liker

Compared to other Facebook auto like software mentioned in the article, the biggest advantage of Free Liker is the simple user interface, easy to use, the user has full control over the number of likes and comments on the posts. posted on his Facebook account.

phan mem auto like facebook tot nhat free liker

In addition, the software also allows users to automatically post notifications on Facebook groups and the timeline of friends, saving you time, instead of having to copy and paste text from one page to another. .

Once you reach the number of auto likes, you can switch to using the Auto Reactions feature.

Download Free Liker to your device and install it here.

=> Link download Free Liker for Android
The article above ElectrodealPro just introduced you to the Top best Auto like Facebook software. In addition, if there are any questions or questions that need to be answered as there are The software automatically sends the messages, like, comment any facebook, readers can leave their comments in the comments section below the article.


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