Top app to send and check SMS on computer
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 Top app to send and check SMS on computer

Top app to send and check SMS on computer

Despite the strong growth of instant messaging services, SMS still plays an important role in the digital life, serving a variety of purposes, such as bank announcements, mobile phone charges, advertising. Advertising … Unfortunately, most phones do not have a way to manage SMS on computers.

Delaying checking SMS messages for too long is not a good idea because it can hinder your workflow. Fortunately, you now have many solutions to send and check SMS messages comfortably on your computer. Here is the best SMS checking application on PC.

Top app to send and check SMS on computer

  • 1. iMessage (iOS, Mac)
  • 2. Google Voice (Web)
  • 3. Android Messages (Android)
  • 4. Pushbullet (Android)
  • 5. Pulse SMS (Android)
  • 6. MightyText (Android)

1. iMessage (iOS, Mac)


IOS users easily install this application. Apple does not allow other SMS clients to be used on their device, so you must set up Messaging. Although there are still some disadvantages, this default SMS application is still very useful by the utility. One of them is cloud sync, allowing users to read or reply to SMS messages from the original Messaging application on Mac.

If you already use Messaging but can’t see your Mac conversations, you must enable it iCloud Sync on the phone. To do this, come Settings> [tên của bạn] > iCloud> turn on Messages.

Unfortunately, iMessage does not yet support the Windows platform. Therefore, if you use an iPhone but use a Windows computer, you cannot check and send SMS on the PC.

2. Google Voice (Web)

Google Voice

Users who sign up for the Google Voice service have the option of viewing messages on the official web application. This tool supports composing new messages, even previewing media files, accessing phone logs, voicemail, etc.

To use it, you need to go to the Google Voice website on your PC, log in to your account, fine-tune your settings, and you’re done.

Unlike the solutions on this list, the Google Voice web doesn’t require a phone connection because the entire conversation is hosted on Google servers. However, this service currently only supports the US.

3. Android Messages (Android)

Android Messages

Google’s default SMS app for Android smartphones has a web version too. Design Android Messages interface in the style of Material Design and familiar 2 column layout.

Additionally, users can enable dark background mode from Settings. The application also has the option of receiving notifications from the browser. You can even start private and group chats simultaneously at the Android Messages web.

How to use the application as follows: Open the web Android Messages and turn on the application Messages on the phone. In the menu (three dots icon), touch Messages for web > follow the instructions, you will be ready online in seconds.

If you want to install Android Messages but don’t have a compatible smartphone, try downloading the latest APK file.

Download: Android Messages | Messages APK (Free)

4. Pushbullet (Android)

Pushbullet interfacePushbullet is easy to use

In addition to allowing you to share files, copy quick notifications from your phone to a PC, Pushbullet also has its own SMS tab. You will find all available conversations here and view, reply in writing or other media, even send new messages to any existing contact or any phone number.

If SMS backup data has not been activated during the installation of Pushbullet, open this application on your phone. Then, swipe to the left edge to open the navigation drawer and select SMS. Turn on SMS sync, the app will ask for necessary permissions. Completing this process, you can manage SMS right on your computer.

PC provides many ways to view messages. You can download desktop applications, extensions or log in to Pushbullet website. Note, the application is limited to 100 messages per month. If you want more, you need to upgrade to the Pro package.

Download: Pushbullet | Pushbullet for Android | Pushbullet for iOS (Free, subscription service available)

5. Pulse SMS (Android)

Pulse SMS

Pulse is a third-party SMS client, offering many advanced features, including a rich interface set, password protection, Giphy integration, web link preview, lots of convenient shortcuts and of course all features. SMS management function from computer. Pulse web version functions similar to Android Messages, modern interface, neat layout containing all the tools you need.

However, these additional features are not free. To sync SMS messages across all devices, Pulse charges 1 USD / month or 6 USD / year. In addition, you can pay one time: 11 USD for a lifetime use of the product.

Download: Pulse SMS (Free, subscription service available)

6. MightyText (Android)

Mighty Text

If you are looking for a comprehensive platform and plan to use the SMS application for business purposes, try MightyText. Besides allowing users to text from the computer, MightyText has many other utilities such as scheduling of sending SMS, multi-window mode that allows joining many conversations at the same time …

MightyText can do many of the same things as Pushbullet, including copying messages. The free version limits the number of SMS messages sent per month. Therefore, if you want to use unlimited, you need to buy the Subscription package. It has web apps and extensions available for most browsers.

Download: MightyText (Free, with Subscription)

Most of the above are for Android users because Apple doesn’t allow third-party SMS clients. However, the continuous communication features between iOS and macOS are sufficient to meet the communication needs on many devices.

Hope the article is helpful to you. If you know more about SMS messaging applications on other computers, do not hesitate to share with us.

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