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Top 9 most popular photo buying and selling websites


Have you ever wondered where you can sell photos online? Do you take pictures all day long and still don’t know what to do with them? Whether you’re a professional photographer or a novice, you have a number of different options when it comes to selling photos online. You can create your own website, advertise, and engage customers. Or, you can take advantage of Internet copyrighted photo buying and selling sites.

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Selling photos online isn’t just limited to professional photographers with expensive cameras. Today, anyone can become a photographer with their mobile phone. Mobile cameras are improving day by day and a lot of people are using more than one phone. Below is a list of the most popular photo buying and selling websites

Top 9 most popular photo buying and selling websites

Synthesize the most popular photo buying and selling website

There are many advantages to using a copyrighted photo site, like:
They already have thousands, even millions of customers
– They will be in charge of all the marketing
– They are famous websites

You can further promote your photos through social media, but this is not a requirement when using these websites. This is a huge advantage, especially for newbies.

The most popular photo shopping websites:
1. Shutterstock
2. Fotolia
3. Alamy
4. iStock Photo
5. EyeEm
6. Big Stock Photo
7. Can Stock Photo
8. Snapwire
9. 123rf

1. Shutterstock

Top 9 websites to buy you pho bien Nhat

Shutterstock is arguably one of the largest copyrighted imaging platforms in the world. You can sell high resolution photos, vectors, illustrations, and videos. Earnings from Shutterstock depend on the type of download. This is a non-exclusive platform, which means that you can also sell content that has been uploaded to Shutterstock elsewhere. You can earn up to 20% commission or a different amount depending on the number of subscribers.

– Download the text software here: Download Shutterstock

2. Fotolia

Top 9 websites to buy you pho bien nhat 2

Fotolia is now called Adobe Stock – a huge platform with millions of shoppers. Fotolia also offers various resources to help you successfully sell photos on the platform. Once your products are uploaded to Fotolia, users of Adobe products like Photoshop, Illustrator, etc. will be able to access and purchase them. Fotolia will allow you to choose the level of exclusivity of the product and your earnings will depend on this. You will earn about 33% commission on each product sold.

– Access Shutterstock here.

3. Alamy

Top 9 websites to buy you most expensive photos 3

Alamy is another exclusive image website where you can sell photos, vectors, illustrations, …. When you make purchases on Alamy, you will receive 50% commission. This is much larger than Shutterstock and Fotolia. Alamy is also not a proprietary platform, meaning you can still sell these products on websites other than Alamy.

– Access Alamy here.

4. iStock Photo

Top 9 websites to buy you most expensive photos 4

Getty Images’ iStock Photo has over 1.5 million customers in more than 200 countries worldwide. This is a website with greater coverage than any other image selling website. When you register with iStock or Getty Images, your work will be featured on both platforms. The commission level will vary depending on the background and uniqueness of the image.

– Access iStock Photo here.

5. EyeEm

Top 9 websites to buy you most expensive photos 5

EyeEm is a free app for brands and creators to buy and sell high quality photos and content. Big brands like Apple, Converse, and Canon already use EyeEm as pixel base, so the chances of buying and selling photos with EyeEm seem pretty high. You can earn 50% commission from selling photos on EyeEm.

– Download EyeEm for Android

6. Big Stock Photo

Top 9 websites to buy you most expensive photos 6

Big Stock Photo is another effective photo trading platform. You can register as a contributor, read their rules, and start uploading photos to the platform. Your earnings will vary, but you can expect a 30% commission on each successful trade.

– Access Big Stock Photo here.

7. Can Stock Photo

Top 9 websites to buy you most expensive photos 7

On Can Stock Photo, you need to complete a registration form to become a contributor and must submit the 3 best images for review admin. Once approved, you can upload your photos and start earning commissions. The payout range of the platform is also huge, depending on the size and type of images as well as the type of subscription.

– Access Can Stock Photo here.

8. Snapwire

Top 9 websites to buy you most expensive photos 8

Snapwire is a photography platform where images are offered to a wide variety of brands and publishers. Publishers can make a request and you can submit images that match their request or upload your own images to the platform. This is a fun and unique way to discover your talents and creativity. You can earn up to 70% commission on each customer request and up to 50% for selling on the platform.

-Download Snapwire for Android

9. 123rf

Top 9 websites to buy you pho Bien Nhat 9

Stock 123rf image library is too familiar to many graphics lovers. Besides buying photos, of course you can also sign up for an account to sell your pictures. The seller of photos on 123rf will make a profit based on the number of images sold. In the beginning, each download of your photos will pay off a modest amount. Over time, as your picture gets more attention from people, the value will increase from $ 0.216 to $ 0.432 per download.

– Access 123rf here.

Selling photos on copyrighted websites won’t make you rich right away, but it’s a perfect way to earn passive income from what you’ve created. It can also become your main source of income.
Whether you have been taking pictures for a long time or are just starting to enjoy this hobby, you should start selling photos on copyrighted photo websites. It will save you time and money; You won’t have to learn how to set up your own website, you won’t have to learn how to market, … because these platforms did it for you. This is also a way to help you earn more income for your moving life. In addition, for your reference The website allows users to sell photos to make money here.



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